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Norilsk to release two new albums later in 2024!

Posted by Hypnotic Dirge Records on Friday, June 7, 2024 Under: Norilsk
As if the first half of the year had not been busy enough for Hypnotic Dirge Records, two new NORILSK releases will see the light of day on the label in 2024. The first one will be a live in the studio release, covering songs from the first ten years of the band; the second one will be a brand new studio full length.

NORILSK should be a familiar name for those who have been following HDR over the years. Our collaboration goes back to 2015, when we released the band’s first full length album ‘The Idea of North.’ Following festival appearances and touring, HDR then released 2017 ‘Le passage des glaciers’, followed the next year by the companion album ‘Weepers of the Land.’ More recently, as the world seemed at a standstill, the label proudly released the 2022 EP ‘Beyond the Mountains.’

A lot of things happened in the first decade of the band, including lineup changes, extensive live appearances, collaborations, and artistic evolution. Bass player and vocalist Nic Miquelon comments: “Norilsk became an active band in 2014. Without a doubt we currently have the most solid lineup and focus we’ve had since our inception. We are building on our long-standing collaboration with HDR to complete a retrospective of what we accomplished so far, and open a new chapter on where we are heading. While fans will recognize Norilsk in both releases, they will also notice something entirely fresh. We can’t wait to unveil more.”

NORILSK is a death-doom band from Canada; its music can be described as heavy, cold and as slow-moving as glaciers, while also incorporating atmospheric elements akin to post-metal, melodic death metal, and funeral doom. The quartet has been singing in French and English over the years, using themes of nordic imagery and personal journey.

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