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ALBUM NEWS: Altars of Grief to release new album Iris on March 21, on Hypnotic Dirge Records

January 11, 2018
Since its inception in the Winter months of 2013, Saskatchewan's Altars of Grief grew to become one of the most dominant doom metal bands from the Canadian Prairies. In its first five years, it played numerous festival and toured Western Canada on several occasions, developing a bold scenic presence and memorable visual identity. Along with its symphonic signature sound, the band is also known for weaving soaring choral arrangements with powerful, driving death metal; morose, gothic doom and uptempo black metal.

After self-releasing its first full-length album This Shameful Burden in 2014, Altars of Grief joined forces with symphonic black metal entity Nachtterror to release the split album Of Ash and Dying Light in 2015 on Hypnotic Dirge Records. In 2018, the melancholic blackened doom juggernaut returns with Iris, a new full length album of devastating proportions. Introducing new levels of dynamics, along with more layers and textures to its songwriting, Iris is the frail beam of light coming through an ominous black sky, the beautiful yet desolate cry before a tragedy. Containing equal appeal and oppression in its aesthetic, this new album will raise the bar for Canadian Doom-Death.

This album will appeal to fans of doom and symphonic black metal. Recommended if you like Woods of Ypres, Adora Vivos, Swallow the Sun, and October Tide.

Adjust the light. Fall into Iris. Follow the Canadian juggernaut into a new level of doom and despair.

From  L To R :
Donny Pinay - Bass, Vocals
Damian Smith - Vocals, Lyrics
Erik Labossiere - Guitar, Vocals
Zack Bellina - Drums, Vocals
Photos By: Kristin Wagner & Erik Labossiere


ALBUM NEWS: Eye of Solitude and Marche Funèbre to release split album on February 22, 2018

January 7, 2018
Two veteran doom-death bands - Eye of Solitude from England, and Marche Funèbre from Belgium - are set to release a very special split release on February 22, in partnership with Hypnotic Dirge Records and Cimmerian Shade Recordings. The split album, which will be released in a 6 panel digipack in an edition of 500 copies, will include one new song of epic length from each band, both of which were recorded in late 2017. The album will be available to order from both labels soon, as well as f...

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December 3, 2017
Some excellent albums have arrived here at HDR headquarters recently. We added the following albums to our shop today, courtesy of Avantgarde Music and Seance Records!!

Latest Additions Link
*All items listed below are here

Sojourner - Empires of Ash
Enisum - Seasons of Desolation
Azelisassath - Total Desecration of Existence
Saule - Saule
Mountains Crave- As We Were When We Were Not
Wode - Servants of the Counter Cosmos
Progenie Terrestre Pura - Oltre Luna
Vindkast - Archaic Collapse
Dzö-nga - The Sac...

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PRE-ORDERS: Melankolia - Vividarium Intervigilium Viator

December 2, 2017
We are now accepting pre-orders for Melankolia's fourth full-length album ‘Vividarium Intervigilium Viator’, which will be officially released on December 12, 2017 and is presented in a 4 panel digipack with an accompanying booklet.

Order Digipack CD

Founded by musician Mike O’Brien, (Appalachian Winter, Veiled Monk, Ritual in Ash) Melankolia has been releasing introspective and thoughtful music since the project’s beginnings nearly 10 years ago. Three full-length albums have thu...

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ALBUM RELEASE: Norilsk - Le passage des glaciers

November 25, 2017
Today is the official release of Norilsk's second full-length album "Le passage des glaciers" - an album about mourning and departure and a perfect soundtrack to the cold winter ahead...

1. Midnight Sun
2. Le puits de l'oubli
3. Namolennye
4. La voie des morts
5. Ghosts of Loss (Passage part I)
6. Noirceur intérieure
7. L'érosion (Passage part II)
8. Ellesmere 
You can now stream the album in full on Bandcamp. 
If you enjoy it, the album is also available for donation-based download. (name-...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: The Sludgelord premieres Norilsk's new lyric video for “Noirceur intérieure”

November 21, 2017
French-Canadian band Norilsk is back with a captivating new album, as thick and heavy as permafrost. Le passage des glaciers follows in the footsteps of 2015's album The Idea of North, but expands the sound considerably. From a sludgy slab of doom-death, the band has carved further into the icy influences of dark metal, to emerge with a blackened doom-death album tainted with frozen melodies, misty atmospheres, and reflective lyrical passages.

The Sludgelord is premiering Norilsk's video for t...

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ALBUM NEWS: Melankolia presents album cover, and tracklist for new album ‘Vividarium Intervigilium Viator’.

November 21, 2017
November 15, 2017

Ambient / Neo-classical artist Melankolia will release their fourth full-length album ‘Vividarium Intervigilium Viator' through Hypnotic Dirge Records on December 12. Founded by musician Mike O’Brien, (Appalachian Winter, Veiled Monk, Ritual in Ash) Melankolia has been releasing introspective and thoughtful music since the project’s beginnings nearly 10 years ago. 

The track “Wellspring Labyrith (Left Hand ‘til Mourning)” is now streaming on our Bandcamp page. This...

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DIGITAL ALBUM RELEASE: Mavradoxa / Deafest [Split]

November 12, 2017
Mavradoxa and Deafest present a new autumnal themed split album from two sides of North America!!

Digital Album

Mavradoxa is an atmospheric black metal band rooted in the Laurentian region of upstate New York. The music of Mavradoxa is expansive, atmospheric, and melancholic. Music made for dreary and rain-soaked days during solitary walks, or in any moment of introspection. Long progressive songs that flow with purpose where the atmosphere dictates and paints vivid stories in its movement and ...

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PRE-ORDER: Norilsk - Le passage des glaciers album packs, shirts, and CD's available!

November 9, 2017
The new album from French-Canadian Doom-Death Band Norilsk is fast approaching - due for official release on November 24. We are now taking pre-orders for "Le passage des glaciers" as well a new limited Norilsk shirt, and some larger packs for the true doom fanatics.

"Le passage des glaciers" follows in the footsteps of 2015's The Idea of North, but expands the sound considerably. From a sludgy slab of doom-death, the band has carved further into the icy influences of dark metal, to emerge wit...

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ALBUM RELEASE: Ah Ciliz / Chiral - Origins

November 6, 2017
The digital version of the Ah Ciliz / Chiral - Origins split album is available now on our Bandcamp page. 

If you missed the album premiere stream on No Clean Singing last week, take the time to listen to this great split album, with entirely new material from both bands.

Due to production delays, the 6 panel digipack will not be shipping until early-mid December. However, you can place your order anytime and we will ship your copy as soon as they arrive!

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