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UPDATE: Hypnotic Dirge North American Store is now open!

January 20, 2023
The Hypnotic Dirge North American store is finally open again! Very relieved and excited to be sharing this news today after a lengthy hiatus! Although only the North American store is open for the moment, we are accepting international orders like always so there is no change there! 

At some point this Spring, a EU store will open as well but a lot of the HDR stock that was shipped from Canada to Portugal is still stuck in customs and there are still a lot of logistics to take care of so that is probably at least 2 months away. In the meantime, you can order as before from either the official webshop or from Bandcamp!

If there are any items that are sold out that you're interested in, please let us know via email or social media comment and if there seems to be enough demand, we will consider re-presses in the coming months - this goes for vinyl, CD's, and merch items.

Finally, this is just the first step of HDR's return. Keep an eye out on the official website and social media next week for announcements about our upcoming releases!

UPDATE: Hypnotic Dirge North American store re-opening January 20, 2023

January 17, 2023

The Hypnotic Dirge Records North American store is re-opening this Friday January 20! 

You will be able to order from the main webshop and the Bandcamp page once again.
Thanks everyone for your patience!

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July 29, 2022

We are now launching the second round of our summer sale, once again lasting for one week, but with a greater discount this time around!!
From Today July 29, until next Thursday August 4, you can now get get 30% off any order over $50, and 40% off any order over $100!
This offer applies to everything in our shop, from Hypnotic Dirge releases and merch, as well as our extensive distro of 1000+ titles.

Simply fill your cart as usual, and use either the code "30OFF" or "40OFF" depending on if your ...

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July 15, 2022
Hello fellow listeners and supporters,

For one week, between today Friday July 15 until Thursday July 21, we are running a store-wide sale where you can get 20% off any order over $50, and 30% off any order over $100!

This offer is valid for anything and everything on our webshop, from Hypnotic Dirge releases to our extensive distro, and applies to CD's, shirts, vinyl, bundles, and everything else you can find.

Simply fill your cart as usual, and use either the code "20OFF" or "30OFF" depending ...

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WEBSHOP ADDITIONS: Onism Productions

July 9, 2022
We have once again added some new titles to our shop, this time from England's Onism Productions. Lots of hidden gems here!

ONISM006CD Grey Aura - Zwart Vierkant
ONISM008CD Phreneticum - Der Stille Zerfall
ONISM010CD Thermohaline - Maelström
ONISM012CD Teitan - Vákuum
ONISM016CD Lifelost - Punitive Damnation
ONISM017CD olim - A Mighty Disposition
ONISM019CD Theomachia - The Theosophist
ONISM020CD Benthik Zone - εἴδωλον
ONISM022CD Tugt - Ved Lysets Ophør

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WEBSHOP UPDATE: Season of Mist

July 7, 2022
Some fantastic releases from Season of Mist have reached our HQ recently!

We have a selection of 40+ releases from Season of Mist's catalog available through Hypnotic Dirge, including these 11 albums which were just added this morning:

Shape Of Despair - Return to the Void
Funeral - Praesentialis In Aeternum
...and Oceans - Cosmic World Mother
Abbath - Abbath
Abbath - Outstrider
Der Weg Einer Freiheit - Finisterre
Gaahls Wyrd - GastiR – Ghosts Invited
Gaahls Wyrd - The Humming Mou...

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WEBSHOP UPDATE: Avantgarde Music

July 7, 2022
New titles from one of Italy's finest labels have reached our HQ. 

We have 60+ albums from Avantgarde Music available through Hypnotic Dirge, including these 10 albums which were just added this morning:

AV398CD Void Paradigm - ultime pulsation/demain brule
AV368CD ULVIK - Volume 1 and 2
AV402CD Mesarthim - Planet Nine
AV418CD ISON - Aurora
AV421CD Windfaerer - Breaths of Elder Dawns
AV422CD Ulvik - Cascades
AV424CD Ikarie - Cuerpos en Sombra
AV426CD Olio Tähtien Takana - Spectral ...

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ALBUM RELEASE: Swampborn - Beyond Ratio

June 17, 2022
Today, we release the debut album of Russian Post-Black Metal band SWAMPBORN, entitled "Beyond Ratio".

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Combining assertive (post) black metal with a powerful and solid, at times almost death metal sound, its music comes as a massive flow of energy, consisting of a flurry of drums, multi-layered guitar canvases, piercing melodies and expressive vocals, rusty and ominous like an apocalyptic sermon.

While at the core the band's music is based on moder...

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PRE-ORDERS: Swampborn - Beyond Ratio

June 2, 2022
We are now taking pre-orders for the release of SWAMPBORN's debut album "Beyond Ratio"!!

You can find two tracks streaming from the album now to give yourself a taste of what the album brings. If you are intrigued by what you hear, we are offering the album presented in digipack format with an accompanying 16 page booklet, as well as two distinct shirt designs, and various bundle options. 

Combining assertive (post) black metal with a powerful and solid, at times almost death metal sound, its m...

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ALBUM RELEASE: Tishina - Uvod...

May 30, 2022
Our latest release is available today! TISHINA - for those who don't know - is the melodic death-doom project from Serbian-Canadian musician Branislav Panić - known for his work in the death/black metal band BANE.

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Unfortunately, the production of the CD's have been slightly delayed so CD orders are expected to ship out around mid-June.


Tishina (Тишина) is best described as a Melodic Doom/Death Metal project which was initially born as a side-project to...

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