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BAND SIGNING: Marche Funèbre signs with Hypnotic Dirge Records and Solitude Productions for release of upcoming fourth full-length album

August 21, 2019
Among the most definitive and diligent Doom groups in the underground European scene, Marche Funèbre are currently putting the finishing touches on the writing process for their as-of-now untitled fourth full-length album. As Marche Funèbre enters its second decade, this five member group, hailing from Mechelen, Belgium continues to raise the stakes with sets scheduled at multiple festivals throughout the remainder of 2019 including Darken the Moon, Moscow Funeral League, Doom Over Saint-Petersburg, and Metal Gates Festival. 

Coming off the heels of their previous full-length album "Into the Arms of Darkness", released in 2017 on Solitude Productions, and re-released in 2018 through Hypnotic Dirge Records and Moscow Funeral League, as well as a split album and North American tour with the legendary Eye of Solitude, Marche Funèbre continued at a rapid pace, releasing their "Death Wish Woman" EP in late 2018 to commemorate 10 years of activity. 2019 has once again been a busy year for the band, as they write and prepare material for their new full-length record, while also playing shows and festivals across Europe. Studio time has been booked at Klangsmiede E for early 2020, with mixing and mastering to follow shortly thereafter!

As of now, a release date for the album has not been set but the tentative plan is for a release in late summer 2020 with studio time having been booked at Klangsmiede E for early 2020! After being involved with Marche Funèbre third album "Into the Arms of Darkness", Hypnotic Dirge Records and Solitude Productions are continuing to work together on select co-releases and will be taking on the mantle of releasing Marche Funèbre’s upcoming fourth album! 

More news on Marche Funèbre’s activities, including live performances, studio reports, and other updates, will follow in the coming months!!


BAND SIGNING / UPCOMING RELEASE: Nachtterror - Judgement

August 19, 2019
Nachtterror is a Symphonic Black Metal band formed in 2006 in Regina, Saskatchewan. 

Since their founding, Nachtterror has always been a band focused on telling a story of tragedy and empowerment - the tragedy of life and the suffering that can accompany it, as well as the empowerment of embracing your own negativity and using it to evolve and grow. Nachtterror attempts to convey acceptance of the inevitable and the ability to use it and overcome it.

“We want our listeners leaving our album u...

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BAND SIGNING / ALBUM RELEASE: Wills Dissolve - The Heavens Are Not On Fire...

July 29, 2019
Houston is known for being the center of outer space and geological exploration, as well as being located in a region central to the 19th century war for Texas independence.  Drawing inspiration from this galactic curiosity, as well as the unbridled wildness of rural 19th century Texas, Wills Dissolve aims to expose a burgeoning extreme progressive metal scene to a national and international audience.

In October 2018, Wills Dissolve released "The Heavens Are Not on Fire...", their nearly flawl...

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DIGITAL RELEASE: Sertraline - From Both Our Hands

July 20, 2019
Sertraline is the most aurally decadent post-black metal band to hit the scene in the last few years. Their impact comes primarily from a combination of melodic saturation and individual expertise. Most of the members previously played together for over a decade in the band Where She Wept, and the chemistry in this six-piece is obvious. The vocals are passionate and laden with emotion; the three-guitar choir creates an impenetrable wall of sound; the bass is unique, expressive, and vibrant; a...

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Webshop Additions: July 2019

July 2, 2019
A long time coming, but here are some killer new albums added to our shop from Casus Belli Musica, Vendetta Records, Solitude Productions, and Naturmacht Productions

**Special offer** The first two orders of 3 or more Solitude Productions releases will receive a copy of the limited "Solitude Vaults: 13 Years of Doom" compilation on eco-sleeve

List of new additions:
Casus Belli Musica:
CBM030 Tamerlan - Luciferian
CBM041 Aurora Borealis - Apokalupsis
CBM042 Claret Ash - The Great Adjudicat...

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First donation to 350.org from funds raised from the HDR compilation album!

July 1, 2019
On April 8, we released the digital compilation album "The Depth of the Abyss Knows No Bounds" with 100% of the donations going straight to 350.org to help mitigate the environment impact of running a record label and give resources to an organization facing up against the powerful interests that ignore the existential threat of climate change.

Today is the day of our first donation! As of June 30, the compilation album has been downloaded over 600 times with over 100 people choosing to donate...

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VIDEO PREMIERE: Kassad - The Boundary

June 25, 2019
Kassad's new track "The Boundary" from their forthcoming (as-of-yet untitled) second full-length album now has an accompanying video, premiering now on Invisible Oranges!!

"We may marvel at our own ingenuity — skyscrapers edging toward kilometer (and even mile) heights, 16-lane highways feeding monstrous steel and glass jungles of capitalism, legions of city workers working 24/7 to maintain the whole system — but in doing so, we also forget one crucial thing: this is all at a cost. Not a f...

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May 24, 2019
Laho - the second album from the Melancholic and Atmospheric Black Metal project from Finland "Kval" (Anguish in English) is now officially released!

The album is available as a 6 panel digipack featuring the amazing artwork from Moonroot Art in all its glory. 

Additionally, a Laho bundle is also being offered, including a shirt with the new Kval sigil, a circular woven patch with this same sigil, a button of the album art, an all-weather sticker with the Kval logo, and a signed postcard featur...

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SONG PREMIERE: Kval - Pohjanriitti

May 13, 2019
Clandestine Sounds is premiering a new Kval track entitled "Pohjanriitti" from the upcoming album Laho!

Stream "Pohjanriitti"
"Vantaa-based Kval is actually more on the atmospheric end of the black metal spectrum than most of their Finnish brethren, but but there’s one element of their sound that does fall very much in line with expectations: their unwavering devotion to the icy, melodic riff."

Laho will be released on May 23. You can pre-order the album here.

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ALBUM RELEASE: Mavradoxa - Nightmarrow

May 2, 2019
Mavradoxa's third full-length album "Nightmarrow" is officially released today!

The CD version of "Nightmarrow" is available to order on the Hypnotic Dirge webshop. In addition, a Nightmarrow bundle which included the CD, a shirt, a signed card, button, and sticker is also available, as is a CD pack which included Mavradoxa's 2017 full-length "Lethean Lament". 

For those who prefer digital, the album is available on Bandcamp as a "Name-your-price" download, as well as streaming on Spotify, iTun...

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