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March 30, 2021
This Friday, April 2, Hypnotic Dirge Records will be partnering with Raven Trust to raise legal defence funds for indigenous peoples of Canada!

As some of you must know, the history of Indigenous Peoples in Canada since the arrival of European settlers has been one of forced relocations, structural and behavioural violence, kidnappings, and cultural genocide. Although the violence against Indigenous Peoples across Canada is not as "overt" as it has been in the past, the legacy of settler-colonialism still has dire impacts today, manifesting itself in issues such as the egregiously high rates of missing and murdered Indigenous Women, lack of clean drinking water on Reserves across Canada, the generally higher rates of poverty and health-issues for Indigenous Peoples compared to the general Canadian public, and the lack of acknowledgement of Indigenous land rights from corporate entities and its lackeys in the Canadian government.

In combination, these issues seem almost overwhelming, especially in the context of national and provincial governments who will only pay lip service to Indigenous issues. Between 2008-2015. the Canadian government set up a "Truth and Reconciliation" committee and followed that up in June 2015 with 94 "Calls to Action". Unfortunately, as is typical for a government beholden to capital , only the most surface-level Calls to Action have seen any progress, while most remain dormant and ignored. Indigenous Land Rights are one such area that will likely be disregarded by the Canadian government as it works to push through environmentally damaging extraction projects which threaten all of our survival and the future habitability of the planet in the pursuit of short-term profit and industrial development, locking us into extractive industries at the precise moment when it is is long overdue that we shift our energy system to more sustainable sources.

Raven Trust is an excellent organization who has been fighting legal battles on behalf of Indigenous Peoples across Canada, and in fact to the benefit of all Canadians and people of the world, as it works to set legal precedents for Indigenous Land Claims, while also protecting the environment for all people. In the spirit of reconciliation, and in order to do something tangible rather than paying lip service to these ideals, Hypnotic Dirge Records will be donating 20% of sales from Bandcamp Friday on April 2 to Raven Trust to do our very small part to help fight these legal battles. 

Bandcamp Fridays have become quite a successful day for bands and labels due to YOUR generosity. I want to reiterate that the amount we will donate to Raven Trust is YOUR donation, not ours.
Nothing is more disingenuous than companies, organizations, groups, etc. claiming a donation is theirs when it is others who have actually put up the money. 

Therefore, on Monday April 5, we will be making the donation on YOUR behalf, and of course posting screenshots of Bandcamp Sales as well as the donation confirmation for full transparency.

If this is a cause you can get behind, please consider placing an order on our Bandcamp page on Friday April 2!

What is Raven:
Raven raises legal defence funds for indigenous peoples in Canada to defend their rights and the integrity of lands and cultures.

While governments come and go, a legal precedent set in the supreme court of Canada is forever. Join Raven in fighting for systemic change. Our movement is pushing back against environmental destruction, and creating better laws.

Raven campaigns: Site C Dam, Wet’suwet’en, Tar sands trial, Heiltsuk, Secwepemc, Tsilhqot’in


WEBSHOP UDPATE: Onism Productions

March 29, 2021
Today we have also added releases from an excellent new label based out of the UK, Onism Productions.
Since its inception in 2020, Onism has released some very noteworthy releases, including those listed below.

We have added the following titles to our shop, to provide faster and cheaper shipping for those of you based in North America.

ONISM 001 Amherawdr - Adorned with the Figures of Snakes
ONISM 002 Lord Orots - Conquering The Infinite Void
ONISM 003 Misertus - Daydream / Coil...

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WEBSHOP UPDATE: Dusktone Records

March 28, 2021
We have added a small selection of new titles from Dusktone Records to the webshop!

Opera IX - Back to Sepulcro
Phobonoid - Phobonoid
Dekadent - The Nemean Ordeal
Black Flame - Necrogenesis : Chants From The Grave
Nifrost - Blykrone
Hovmod - Doedsformasion
Flukt - Darkness Devour
Gorgon - Titanomachy

Keep an eye out for more additions later this week!

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ALBUM RELEASE: Nordicwinter - Sorrow

March 26, 2021
Today marks the official release date of the new Nordicwinter record "Sorrow"!
You can order your copy from our webshop or Bandcamp, or directly from the band!
In addition to this, hoodies, shirts, and bundles are also available.

Digital [Name-your-price]
Nordicwinter Bandcamp

Album notes:
After a lengthy hiatus, Nordicwinter came back in a big way in 2020, releasing two new full-length albums "Requiem" and "Desolation" and they show no sign of slowing down as they hit us once again with a n...

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TRACK PREMIERE: Kassad - The Maze

March 20, 2021
Kassad, a stalwart of the modern post-black metal scene, combines abrasive and gritty black metal with hallucinatory ambience and spiraling post-rock intricacy. Kassad’s name is synonymous with misery, futility, and madness of modern urban life.

Originally recorded in the sessions for 2020's "London Orbital" and now available for the first time as a single, "The Maze" continues to explore the idea of a malevolent, decaying city. The listener is trapped. There is nowhere to turn. And somethin...

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VINYL: Feral Light - Life Vapor

March 17, 2021
We have some copies of Feral Light's Life Vapor on LP available to order now!

The LP was self-released by the band but international shipping from Canada is cheaper than from the US so we are helping with distribution. 

We only have 10 copies currently, so order quickly if you're interested.

The record itself is a beautiful burgundy/silver merge and the art and design was reworked for the vinyl edition by Unexpected Specter. Mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin.

*IMPORTANT: Unfortunately...

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MERCH: a noend of mine - Sanctuaires merch available to pre-order

March 15, 2021
A few days ago, we released a noend of mine's second album "Sanctuaires" which is now available on many digital platforms.

Unfortunately, due to issues at Ukrainian customs, the CD production has been delayed and we're now expecting a mid April release for the CD.

However, today we are also launching pre-orders for "Sanctuaires" shirts, enamel pins, and a merch bundle. 
Unlike the CD, all of these items are either already here or on transit from Vancouver to Victoria (just a short ferry ride awa...

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ALBUM RELEASE: a noend of mine - Sanctuaires

March 12, 2021
Today marks the official release of the a noend of mine's second full-length record "Sanctuaires"

Digital [Name-your-price]
Youtube Stream

The album is available to stream in full on Bandcamp, Youtube, Spotify, and other platforms.
However, unfortunately, there has been some delays in the CD production due to a couple different factors and therefore the physical product won't be available until early April.

That being said, we hope you will take the time to listen to the album in full now t...

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PRE-ORDERS: Nordicwinter - Sorrow

February 26, 2021
Today we launch pre-orders for Nordicwinter's new album "Sorrow", due for release on Friday March 26.

After a lengthy hiatus, Nordicwinter came back in a big way in 2020, releasing two new full-length albums "Requiem" and "Desolation" and they show no sign of slowing down as they hit us once again with a new full-length album, "Sorrow", released amidst the dead of winter. This prolificacy should in no way be a harbinger of doubt as the quality of "Sorrow" surpasses even the heights of the 2020...

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ALBUM RELEASE: Frigoris - Wind [12” Vinyl]

February 26, 2021
Today is the official release date for the vinyl edition of Frigoris’ 2012 album “Wind”!
All vinyl pre-orders have already been shipped out to you, directly from the plant in Poland. 
Future orders placed through our store will ship from Hypnotic Dirge HQ in Canada.

We still have a limited amount of copies remaining, in both classic black and “evening fields” (beige with black marble) editions. You can order your copy from Hypnotic Dirge here.

If you live in Europe, you should order you...

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