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PRE-ORDERS: stroszek - sound graveyard bound [2023 Edition]

Posted by Hypnotic Dirge Records on Friday, October 27, 2023 Under: stroszek
Before the release of 2023's "about all the bad days in the world", the last stroszek album was all the way back in 2012. Long sold out, sound graveyard bound was the band's third album - at that time a three piece headed by founder Claudio Alcara [Frostmoon Eclipse]. What better occasion to press a new edition of the long out of print "sound graveyard bound" then alongside the release of the new album. 

A confluence of sounds that harken back to Tom Waits, Townes Van Zandt, and Johnny Cash, stroszek is an atypical dark folk project founded by a black metal musician, and often described by its frontman as "old music for old people". An album for quiet evening drives to wallow in your melancholic mood, sound graveyard bound interlaces acoustic rock, american folk music, and neo-folk to craft a somber temperament.

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“I wouldn’t call stroszek a ‘side project’ as such, it’s really just my material; something that has been inside me for a long time. A friend asked me to define the style, and when I couldn’t she described it as ‘long drives along deserted highways with just your own thoughts for company’. she nailed the feel exactly”. 

Re-mastered for the new pressing, and featuring cover artwork concept and drawing from Paolo di Orazio

1 - can't make things undone (5:14)
2 - shipwreck (5:13)
3 - hope I'll never know (5:00)
4 - leftover (4:43)
5 - self closure (4:41)
6 - adrift (4:47)
7 - spirits (4:17)
8 - crows (5:28)
9 - if the world hadn'd gone insane (4:41)
10 - now we're even (2:39)

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