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Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, December 17, 2020 Under: Frigoris
We are once again partnering with Viridian Flame Records to bring out this little gem of an album on vinyl! 
For years, we have had requests to release some of Frigoris' back-catalog on vinyl so we're happy to be able to start things off with their 2013 album "Wind"

Formed in 2007, Frigoris have released 4 full length albums, cementing their mastery of the Atmospheric/Pagan Black Metal genre. Their second album, "Wind", can be seen as the turning point in their career, having brought them the attention they very much deserve. 

This album will pressed in 250 copies. The colored edition, entitled "Evening Fields" (beige with black marbling), will have 150 copies, while the black version will have 100. 

Pre-orders will start around mid-January. The tentative release date is set to 25th of February, but with the current delays at the pressing plant this date might still shift a bit.

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