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RELEASE NEWS: Sunmask and Hypnotic Dirge team up to release Black Tremor / Sea Witch split release

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, March 2, 2017 Under: Black Tremor

Sunmask and Hypnotic Dirge present a split release from two of the best heavy instrumental bands out of Canada: The progressive folk doom of the prairies - Black Tremor, and the atmospheric nautical doom of the maritimes - Sea Witch.

Black Tremor are a three piece stoner folk doom band from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Bass, drum and violin roil across the flatlands in advance of the coming storm... Melancholic violin swirls above the grit of fuzzed out slide bass and the beating drums; glimpses of Dirty Three, Earth and Godspeed You Black Emperor shimmer in the heat lines on the grasslands horizon. Their debut release 'Impending' was self-released by the band last year to glowing reviews and the band has just completed their first Canadian tour this summer.

And on the other end of the country, the port of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia has spawned the dual leviathan of JL and SJ that is Sea Witch. Dark things pound and echo in the depths, the guitar howls on the shoals and the cymbals break against the rocky shore... Oppressive and atmospheric funeral doom with a nautical bent. The band has released three highly praised independent cassettes (including one on Sunmask) in the past year and are currently recording their next full length. Tracklist: 1 - Black Tremor - Hexus Part One 2 - Black Tremor - Hexus Part Two 3 - Sea Witch - Green Tide 4 - Sea Witch - As the Crow Flies Part One 5 - Sea Witch - As the Crow Flies Part Two

CD edition of the album will be released on March 24, 2017 in a jewel case with reversible covers.
Sunmask will also release a limited edition cassette tape.

Black Tremor
Sea Witch
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