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SONG / LYRIC VIDEO PREMIERE: Marche Funèbre - When All Is Said

Posted by Nick Skog on Saturday, August 1, 2020 Under: Marche Funèbre
It is with great excitement that we are finally premiering a track from Marche Funèbre's upcoming fourth full-length album "Einderlicht", due for release on September 25 through Hypnotic Dirge, Solitude Productions, and The Vinyl Division.

The song in question is "When All is Said", the longest track on the album, and also one that has received a visual treatment courtesy of an engaging lyric video crafted by Absynthe Moon Films.

Thanks once again to No Clean Singing for hosting this premiere and for their thoughts on the song, which you can read below. 

"At the outset, moody guitar picking and slow strummed chords create a meditative moment — which is violently cast away by massive distorted chords, equally massive, grated-edge growls, and a slow mournful melodic lead that becomes the thread that binds the song together. Passion flares in the music as the band reach the chorus, and Arne Vandenhoeck‘s clean singing voice emerges. The turmoil in the music reaches a boiling point through the thunderous rumble of the kick drums, riffing that moves in dense waves, and the soaring sound of the lead guitar, which is both glorious and grief-stricken in its resonance. Vandenhoeck keeps the intensity at a fever level by pitching his voice into tormented blackened shrieks.

The sonic intensity ebbs, but not the emotional intensity. The pace increasingly slows into the trudging momentum of a dirge, and the music becomes sodden with tears as Vandenhoeck roars. The tragic grandeur of the music stands out, and the impact of the words is shattering: “When all is said / When all is done / Nothing remains / But screams into the void”.

The song again cycles through some of the passages that already made such a heavy mark, and in doing so deepens the impressions into more lasting scars of pain and beauty. The band also discharge a physically compulsive sequence of high-intensity chugging. Paired with Vandenhoeck’s singing voice (and his screams), this drives the music to a powerful climax in which we hear one last offering of the melodic guitar refrain that has become such a key part of the song’s haunted heart and soul."

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