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SONG PREMIERE: a noend of mine - Des chemins crépusculaires (I-III)

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, February 4, 2021 Under: a noend of mine
For something a little bit different today, we have partnered with Invisible Oranges to premiere the opening three tracks (as one stylistic whole) from the forthcoming "a noend of mine" record "Sanctuaires".

"Carrying echoes of the early-1990s English experimental rock scene, the delicate but electronics-heavy pulsations found on upcoming album Sanctuaires redefines this project. Reflecting memories of the specific albums which defined the use of then-new genre tag "post-rock," Sanctuaires' soft twinkling and dirge-pop songwriting isn't necessarily a full transformation for a noend of mine. Pulling from the same nostalgic, downtrodden source which defined the band's earlier career, Sanctuaires is simply a new reflection of the same object."

The release date for Sanctuaires is Friday March 12.
Pre-orders will begin soon!

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