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SONG PREMIERE : Chiral - The Feeble Glare of Autumn

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, September 22, 2017 Under: Song/Video Premieres
Yesterday, we debuted the first song from the upcoming "Origins" split, the track "Cascadia" from Ah Ciliz.

Now today, we bring you a preview from the other band's contribution, the great Italian atmospheric black metal project Chiral with their track "A Feeble Glare of Autumn"!

Thanks again to the "Black Metal Promotions" channel for the premiere.

Album release on November 6, in cooperation with Throats Productions.

Hypnotic Dirge and Throats Production presents the release an intense nature-themed atmospheric Black Metal split record entitled "Origins" between two great atmospheric bands - Ah Ciliz and Chiral.

Ah Ciliz is an atmospheric Black Metal band founded by Elmer (Klär, Painful Depression) in 2008. The history of the project now includes four full-length albums, and a split with Griefthorn all released between 2011-2014. Three years later, Ah Ciliz returns with three excellent new songs for the "Origins" split focused on indigenous cultures, nature, and the cosmos. The songs from Ah Ciliz span between powerful, triumphant, beautiful, and spiritial throughout its duration which is aided by varied and interesting riffs, soaring leads, and an atmosphere that matches the lyrical themes perfectly.

Chiral is an Italian one-man band from the countryside near Piacenza, set up at the end of 2013. His compositions shine of a dim light dwelling through the branches, alternating solar as well as gloomy moments. Folkish instruments are used to guide the listener through contemplation, while gentle veils of synths are crafting a misty and mysterious aura. If the dreamy and hypnotic atmosphere of Lustre met with the breathless wonder of Falls of Rauros' melodies, and the wild raw guitar lines of Wolves in the Throne Room, that would be probably be what Chiral sounds like.

"Origins" will be presented as a 6 panel digipack limited to 500 copies and shared between labels and bands.
For fans of: Lustre, Agalloch, Mavradoxa, Windbruch, Falls of Rauros, Wolves in the Throne Room

Hypnotic Dirge et Throats Production présentent Origins, un ‘split album’ de black metal atmosphérique intense entre deux grands groupes du genre : Ah Ciliz et Chiral.

Ah Ciliz est un groupe de black metal atmosphérique fondé par Elmer (Klär, Painful Depression) en 2008. Le projet compte maintenant un catalogue de quatre albums et un split avec Griefthorn, tous parus entre 2011 et 2014. Trois ans plus tard, Ah Ciliz est de retour avec trois excellents nouveaux morceaux pour Origins, qui s’attardent aux cultures autochtones, à la nature et au cosmos. Dans leur entièreté, les pièces couvrent une palette diversifiée d’états d’esprits, allant de la puissance au triomphe, à la beauté et à la spiritualité, sur un fond d’airs captivants, de mélodies vertigineuses et d’ambiances qui collent aux textes.

Chiral est le projet d’un seul homme, établi dans la région de Piacenza, en Italie, depuis 2013. Les compositions se posent ici comme un éclairage tamisé nous parvenant à travers les branches, alternant entre les moments d’ombres et de clarté. Les instruments folkloriques accompagnent l’auditeur dans sa contemplation, tandis que des voiles de synthétiseurs tissent une aura brumeuse et mystérieuse. Si les atmosphères rêveuses et hypnotiques de Lustre rencontreraient les mélodies à couper le souffle de Falls of Rauros et les airs sauvages de guitares de Wolves in the Throne Room, elles nous donneraient sans doute Chiral.

Origins sera disponible en version digipack de 6 panneaux, limité à 500 copies et distribué entre les labels et les groupes.
Recommandé aux amateurs de Lustre, Agalloch, Mavradoxa, Windbruch, Falls of Rauros, Wolves in the Throne Room

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