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SONG PREMIERE: Feral Light - Assuage

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, March 5, 2020 Under: Feral Light
Earlier this week, we announced that we'll be working with Feral Light on the release of their new album "Life Vapor". 

Today, together with No Clean Singing we're very excited to share with you the track "Assuage" from said album! Thanks a lot to NCS for their help and interest in sharing this.

From the article: 

"The song we’re presenting today, “Assuage“, is a great reminder of many of these qualities, but is also an intensely memorable and moving piece of music, a melding of powerfully evocative melody and cathartic tumult that perhaps leans more into post-metal than we’ve heard in earlier works.

Andy Schoengrund’s absolutely savage screaming vocals scald the senses like a blowtorch to the face, while his rapidly writhing riffing and Reesen’s tumultuous drum rhythms are electrifying. The gripping propulsion of the song draws upon a combination of Schoengrund’s beefy bass lines, which have a jolting and magisterial force, and a changing array of hurtling, battering, and sharply neck-cracking drum patterns, all of which are delivered with brazen force and welcome clarity thanks to the evenness of the mix.

In part because of the tortured nature of the shrieks, but also because of the song’s dark and deleterious melodies, the music has a grim and often despairing quality, yet also possesses a kind of terrible grandeur. In addition, when the firebrand intensity of the music lessens near the end, and the bass becomes even more prominent, the mood settles into one of deep inward melancholy, but that also sets the stage for an absolutely incandescent guitar solo that swirls and soars, creating an emotional climax for the song that’s nothing short of jaw-dropping."

"Life Vapor" will be released through Hypnotic Dirge on May 8, on digipack CD, and digital formats. Merch bundles will also be available!

Cover artwork designed by Unexpected Specter

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