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SONG PREMIERE: Invisible Oranges is streaming a first song from NONE's new album Life has gone on long enough

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, February 8, 2018 Under: NONE
A first track from NONE’s upcoming album Life Has Gone On Long Enough is now streaming exclusively on Invisible Oranges. The track - entitled “Bed the cold earth” - captures the rotten marrow of the album. The album cover for Life has gone on long enough is now also live (in the article link) and the album’s tracklisting is posted below.

From the article: “There are few methods more effective in achieving music’s potential as an emotional conduit than knighting it as a protectorate of anonymity. An aptly named no-name act becomes the tabula rasa for all those who find themselves clicking through YouTube or Bandcamp alone in the dark. Combined with the strategic placement of atmospherics, a great emotional expulsion becomes possible for all listless listeners, regardless of where the roots of their goosebumps lie. This feat within the realm of atmospheric black metal is exactly what Hypnotic Dirge will call forth on April 11th: Life Has Gone On Long Enough, party of NONE.

Just a year after the release of their debut self-titled album, the Portland-based duo shows no sign of slowing down even as their signature somber sulking suggests otherwise. Such a characteristic is reflected in Life Has Gone On Long Enough itself. As tracks seamlessly plod along in their interwovenness in the face of emotionally delicate-but-jarring piano and synth, we are reminded that even though melancholy is often equated to stagnation, reality speaks to a more nuanced narrative. There’s no harsher condition than having to carry on when all you want to do is stand still. This affliction may plague an entire life trajectory, or just a single chapter, but it spares few nevertheless.”

1 - Bleak, damp, and dead
2 - A world, dead and gray
3 - Bed the cold earth
4 - Hypoxic
5 - Corroded
6 - Desiderate 
7 - Life is long enough
8 - Illa Tiðandi

Album release: April 11, 2018
Pre-orders: soon...(early March)
Format: 6 Panel Digipack

If you want, you can support us by pre-ordering the digital album on our Bandcamp page for $5.00
The cost is only set at $5.00 during pre-orders so you have the option to donate to us - sort of like a Patreon model.
Once the album is released, the digital download price will be set to $0.00 / Name-Your-Price as usual!

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