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SONG PREMIERE: Liminal Shroud - Sentinel

Posted by Nick Skog on Monday, October 12, 2020 Under: Liminal Shroud
We've been anticipating this for a few weeks now, and today we're very excited to share the very first Liminal Shroud song from their debut album "Through the False Narrows"

The track, entitled "Sentinel" is streaming now courtesy of Invisible Oranges!!

Listen here

"As the titular sentinel contemplates inevitable nothingness, "Sentinel" opens with classic, rhythm-heavy black metal -- every bass drum note is present and accounted for in the pulsating blast beats that fence in the dense tides of tremolo harmonies. When that abates, the band shows off some less-furious riffs as well: dark, gloomy constructions that kindle emotion before the dual-guitar frenzy ignites once more.

Sitting somewhere between lush, atmospheric domains and scream-laden dungeons, Through the False Narrows is musically in a hybrid state not unlike the coast the band is physically located on. On "Sentinel," walk along a shore of poignant natural majesty, but take care: dark waves lap at your feet underneath."

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