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SONG PREMIERE: Nachtterror - Sea of Dread

Posted by Nick Skog on Wednesday, September 4, 2019 Under: Nachtterror
Today is the day we finally premiere a track from Nachtterror's upcoming album "Judgement"! The track, entitled "Sea of Dread" is being hosted through No Clean Singing who have also shared their thoughts on the track, and the Judgement album as a whole.

We are very pleased to unveil the album cover and tracklisting today as well.

1- Behold the Terror
2 - Sea of Dread
3 - To Beckon the Weak
4 - Beneath the Crimson Moon
5 - A Forest At Night
6 - The Beauty of the Withering Flower
7 - Judgement
8 - Breath of the World, Ablaze
9 - Upon Ashen Shores

'The crystalline guitar harmony that opens “Sea of Dread” creates a feeling of wistfulness and wonder, which turns out to be the beginning of a journey that grows increasingly heavier and more ominous, though the ringing melodies continue to display effervescence and a mesmerizing effect. The singing that accompanies that conjunction of powerful rhythms, rippling and gleaming notes, and crushing, jolting riffs is itself a combination of sensations, which seem both yearning and downcast — and eventually transforms into tormented, serrated-edge growls.

A slow, serpentine melody that bespeaks desolation winds its way through a phalanx of huge, hammering rhythms. The music grows even more intense as the vocals segue into cauterizing shrieks and a wrenching solo rises up in the tumult. The power of the music swells, ascends, batters, and blazes. Yet within that exhilarating and majestic crescendo, in which all the varying vocals join together, ringing keyboard notes still brightly shine, providing further glimpses of joy within a sonic conflict that seems to hybridize anguish and defiance.

It’s an emotional powerhouse of a song that leaves us eager to hear more."

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