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SONG PREMIERE: Notturno - Falling

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, March 31, 2022 Under: Notturno
After announcing the signing of Notturno and imminent release of their debut album "Obsessions", we made you all wait quite a while before giving you a taste of the record. That ends today with Toilet ov Hell premiering the track "Falling", which you can listen to at this link.

Speaking about the song, Notturno founder offered the following perspective: 

“Falling” is the first song revealed from the debut album of Notturno, titled obsessions.
[it is] a song that embodies the sweetness of the pain, loneliness and melancholy that accompanies us throughout our lives day and night, an intimate trip among the ghosts real and hidden inside every one of us, ghosts we will always have to confront.

The continuous struggle to climb over these insurmountable walls is expressed in “falling” in a combination of chamber music and atmospheric black metal that wriggles between reflections and anger, masterfully interpreted by [vocalist] Kjiel. An intimate journey that puts us in a relationship with our “invisible” enemies at all times, who sometimes defeat us, but very often we fight…"

If this premiere intrigues you, it won't be long until you can grab yourself a CD or some merch - tomorrow we'll officially launch pre-orders for "Obsessions"!

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