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SONG PREMIERE / RELEASE NEWS: netra premieres track "Everything's Fine" from upcoming "Ingrats" album!

Posted by Nick Skog on Wednesday, January 18, 2017 Under: netra

The experimental and internationalist one-man project netra returns with the first new album since 2013 with perhaps his most focused work yet. After a number of years of silence from this project, the track “Everything’s Fine”, the first to be made available from netra’s upcoming album “Ingrats” is now premiering on Transcending Obscurity Webzine!

Writing about the track "Everything's Fine", Transcending Obscurity writer Chris Dahlberg had this to say: Perhaps it’s appropriate that this early on in the album the instrumentals and vocals deliver some of their harshest and most depressive moments before delving into somber clean singing and experimental passages, as it serves as a good representation of the level of diversity the rest of the album is able to provide. The black metal sections are drenched in raw emotion, with the shrieking capable of sending shivers down your spine as the guitar leads twist and turn with jagged edges. But the further you get into Everything’s fine, the more it becomes clear that there’s a lot more to this piece. As the guitars and shrieks fade out, the tempo slows down and an eerie piano melody drives the song forward alongside some somber singing that has a gothic rock tinge to it. The sudden transitions between the mellower and chaotic sections are implemented perfectly, and just when you’ve started to wallow in the calmer melodies netra stabs you right in the throat with jagged edges.

The third full-length album“Ingrats”  (french for “ungrateful ones”)  is filled with raw and honest music that speaks to a common despair, internal psychosis, and the monotony of modern life. Mixing abrasive and claustrophobic depressive Black Metal, darkwave, trip-hop, and melancholic alternative rock, netra’s music has never been restricted by convention or tradition but on “Ingrats”, the hybridization of genres is perhaps more seamless than ever. The Black Metal feels urgent and sharp as ice, while the heavily distorted guitar tone is absolutely perfect as a contrast juxtaposed against the ominous darkwave melodies.

The perfect soundtrack for late-night walks in the city. The material on “Ingrats” is an all-out assault on the senses, a bitter pill that must be swallowed as an accompaniment for self-reflection. An album which can connect emotionally and leave you drained at the end.

Infectious. Claustrophobic. Intoxicating.
Take your soma and wander the streets for hours...

“Ingrats” was mastered at Skansen Lydstudio (Manes, Atrox, Keep of Kallesin).
This is the critical next chapter for netra, the third installment and first new album in four years!
“Ingrats” will be released on Hypnotic Dirge Records on March 9, 2017.

Pre-order packages including new shirts and bundles will be made available soon!

The tracklist for “Ingrats” is as follows:

1 - Gimme a break
2 - Everything’s fine
3 - Underneath my words the ruins of yours
4 - Live with it
5 - Infinite Boredom
6 - Don’t keep me waiting
7 - A genuinely benevolent man
8 - Paris or me
9 - Could’ve should’ve would’ve
10 - Jusqu'au-boutiste
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