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SONG PREMIERE: The Haunting Green - The Void Above

Posted by Nick Skog on Monday, January 28, 2019 Under: The Haunting Green
The first preview from The Haunting Green’s forthcoming debut album “Natural Extinctions” is now streaming! You can listen to the track “The Void Above” courtesy of Indy Metal Vault! Formed in 2012 and based on North-East Italy, The Haunting Green’s music bridges the aggressive vibes of extreme metal with ambient-drone and dark electronic music.

Cover art illustrated by Jessica Rassi (The Giant Lab)

From the article:
“If there’s one thing at which The Haunting Green truly excel, it’s the way they build tension through a combination of mood, melody, and atmosphere. Consider the extended intro of “The Void Above” – the slow build, the incremental layering, the short bursts of drums and heavy bass. Then they pull back just enough so that when the song finally revs up in earnest, they rip the top of your fucking skull off more by virtue of a well-executed shift in dynamics than through sheer volume or aggression.”
Speaking on “The Void Above”, the band comments:
“This is the maybe the fastest song we have ever written. It came out in a very short time, when we felt the necessity to try something more aggressive.

The lyric is a metaphor about migration, about escaping, and about the irremediable consequences that this need brings. It is about being conscious of our inability to face something bigger that us (feel free to suppose it can be life, or death).”

The album, “Natural Extinctions” will be released on Hypnotic Dirge Records on a 6 panel digipack on March 5, 2019.
Natural Extinctions Tracklist:
1- Lazarus Taxon 
2- Natural Extinction
3- The Void Above
4- Litha
5- Where Nothing Grows
6- Rites of Passage
7- Luminous Lifeforms
Total playing time: 49:41 

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