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SONG/VIDEO PREMIERE: No Clean Singing streams 'Corroded' from NONE's new album Life Has Gone On Long Enough

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, March 8, 2018 Under: NONE
NONE, the enigmatic atmospheric/depressive black metal entity from Oregon is scheduled to release its second album on Hypnotic Dirge Records in April 2018. Life Has Gone On Long Enough is a raw and intricate album that will haunt you like a forlorn shape of life. Its bleak music and layered atmospheric arrangements are bewitching and they creep under the skin like the shadows inhabiting the most ancient forests.

No Clean Singing is now streaming a music video for 'Corroded,' a new track from Life Has Gone On Long Enough. The song captures the riveting atmospheric arrangements and general spirit of the album, supported by a fitting visual filmed in the Cascadian mountains by the anonymous members. Through the lense of a zero-budget homemade video, the band invites us to experience an authentic, no-bullshit look into the heart of what NONE is about.

From No Clean Singing: “Corroded” has a minimalist feeling, and in part for that very reason it is spell-binding. Slow, haunting, and hypnotic, it mixes ethereal, shimmering ambient tones, deep bass notes, craggy chords, and primal drum booms. Soft, spectral melodies reverberate from the strings, coaxing wistfulness and regret from their hiding places. Shrouds of ominous sound move forward and dissipate, like the remembrance — or foreshadowing — of calamity. Strange voices can be heard in the distance of this shadowed place that the music reveals."

Life Has Gone On Long Enough will be released on Hypnotic Dirge Records on April 11, 2018.

1 - Bleak, damp, and dead (2:51)
2 - A world, dead and gray (7:46)
3 - Bed the cold earth (7:44)
4 - Hypoxic (6:59)
5 - Corroded (5:17)
6 - Desiderate (7:52)
7 - Life is long enough (7:56)
8 - Illa Tiðandi (Burzum Cover) (6:03)
Total length: 52:30

Album release: April 11, 2018
Format: 6 Panel Digipack

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