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Truthseeker - Weightless at Dawn EP released on Hypnotic Dirge for free!

Posted by Nick Skog on Saturday, January 12, 2013 Under: Truthseeker
Truthseeker is an instrumental rock band with a dense and atmospheric sound. Their debut EP "Weightless at Dawn" features 5 slow, cinematic tracks characterized by reverb-soaked lead guitars, huge drums, textural rhythm guitars and a thick distorted bass sound. Although there are no vocals, the artwork features poems for each of the EP's songs with the exception of "Submerged". There are traces of Prog-Rock, Metal, Post-Rock/Metal, Doom and Ambient music throughout the record's 23 minutes and 8 seconds, but there is no single term that can summarize the intimate and powerful sound that lies therein. 

Although previously released on Truthseeker's bandcamp page in late 2011, Hypnotic Dirge Records has decided to re-release the album to a (hopefully) wider audience, and once again the EP is available as a free digital download on HDR's bandcamp page, and free downloads section.

Bassist and songwriter Brendan James Hayter (Obsidian Tongue) formed Truthseeker in late 2010 as a vehicle for his compositions in the Space-Rock style. Aiming for a slow and nostalgic sound, the first songwriting attempts resulted in "Permafrost", "Through The Waves" and "Storm". When these were finished he quickly booked recording time with colleague and friend Dan Gonzalez. After finishing the basic tracking of these songs as well as new songs "Daybreak" and "Submerged", Dan suggested hiring Alex Fewell (Scaphism / Forced Asphyxiation) for session drums. Intrigued by the idea of hiring a Death Metal drummer to play slow rock beats, they brought him in and were more than pleased with the results of the proceeding drum sessions.

Discussing the debut EP "Weightless at Dawn" Bassist and songwritier Brendan James Hayter had this to say:

"This first release, 'Weightless at Dawn', is simply an expression of both nostalgia and struggle; the nostalgia I have of staying up until dawn every night and the struggle to retain that kind of passion throughout life. The slow tempos and repetitions represent the longing to make a moment last; holding onto your emotional rushes as long as you can. The record is about being young at heart."

The album is available for free streaming and download here:

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