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UPCOMING RELEASE: KINGS ROT - At the Gates of Adversarial Darkness

Posted by Hypnotic Dirge Records on Wednesday, July 5, 2023 Under: Kings Rot
Formed in 2017 in the frozen Rockies of Alberta, Canada, Kings Rot is a three piece black metal band that blends blazing melodies with crushing aggression to yield an atmosphere of impending doom. This fall, Kings Rot will release their second full-length album At the Gates of Adversarial Darkness on Hypnotic Dirge Records, first on CD/Digital formats on September 22 and later in the year on LP.

The title track from At the Gates of Adversarial Darkness is streaming now on Bandcamp, Youtube, and Spotify.
If this has you intrigued, you won't need to wait long for more, as another track will release next week!

1 - Blazing Winds of Torment
2 - At the Gates of Adversarial Darkness
3 - Twilight Breath Incantation
4 - Beneath the Hunters Moon
5 - Obscure Awakenings
6 - I am the Door in Between
7 - Last Dance of the Eternal Flame
8 - A Burnt Offering for the Vermin King

Artwork by Misanthropic-Art
Photography by Pagan Fires Photography
Logo by Moonroot Art

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