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UPCOMING RELEASE: Sertraline - The streetlight was all we needed

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, November 13, 2020 Under: Sertraline
Sertraline (Buffalo, NY) formed in the winter of 2014 as a reimagining of veteran death-doom group Where She Wept. The band, armed with the experience and chemistry of longtime collaboration, began to craft a new sonic legacy, combining atmospheric black metal with post-rock elements to create a uniquely heavy-hitting trio of EPs: Shade (2017), From Both Our Hands (2019), and These Mills Are Oceans (2019), now released as a single compilation for the first time entitled The Streetlight Was All We Needed.

Sertraline are marked by immense musical saturation. Three guitars pour out sustained, melodic passages drenched in reverb and illustrated with glacial leads, backed by a rhythm section inspired equally to jazz-like syncopation and punishing metal proficiency. Often wandering but never lost, each song surprises listeners in turn with moments of introspection and emotional climax, punctuated by lyrics which span themes of “guilt, regret, addiction, anxiety, and depression...but also a hunger for love and hope” amidst reflection upon and angst towards the present social and political climate.

“The streetlight was all we needed” will be released on a 4 Panel Digipack on January 15, 2021. 
The first 100 copies sold will come with a bonus Sertraline Embroidered Patch

CDPre-orders will begin in early December.

Digtal Pre-order / Streaming


* Shade EP
1 - (Bloom) (2:08)
2 - Azalea (5:40)
3 - (Haze) (0:51)
4 - Shade (8:55)

*From Both Our Hands EP
5 - Hounds of Avarice (5:55)
6 - The Knowledge of Trees (6:03)
7 - Entwined (7:18)

*These Mills Are Oceans EP
8 - Eyes as Tableau (5:14)
9 - Their Cities (7:20)
10 - Prague (7:37)


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