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Update on Shipping Prices

Posted by Nick Skog on Thursday, January 26, 2023 Under: Hypnotic Dirge Records
Yesterday we brought you some good news but unfortunately I'm writing today with some disappointing news. 

After years of operating in a legal grey area and shipping single CD orders outside of Canada as "lettermail" instead of a "parcel", CanadaPost is no longer allowing us to do so. By shipping single CD orders as a letter, we were able to bypass customs and also charge significantly less for orders of only 1 CD. 

We had to increase our shipping rates for single CD orders outside of Canada today, and unfortunately it is quite significant. The best way to get value for your shipment is to order 2 or more CD's since the increase from shipping one CD to two CD's is only a difference of $2.00. 

As someone who has recently moved to Portugal and tried to ship my personal belongings as well as HDR stock to a new country, I can fully empathize with the frustration. The amount of taxes I've had to pay even to receive my own clothing and book collection is maddening to an incredible extent. Shipping rates have skyrocketed and customs is becoming more strict with each passing day. It's a totally different situation than when I started HDR 10+ years ago.

I'm hoping that the opening of the EU store soon will resolve some of these issues for our European customers at least, and in the meantime, as stated, it's definitely worth your while to place a larger order instead of ordering a single CD. We will continue to mark shipments at a lower value than the actual sale price to try to reduce / eliminate customs fees for you as long as we can.

Thank you for supporting us during some tumultuous times. We hope to make your loyalty worthwhile with some exceptional releases in the coming months, and if it's any consolation at all, our digital albums will *always* remain name-your-price!

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