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VIDEO CLIP: Frigoris - Scheideweg

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, February 14, 2020 Under: Frigoris
We are very excited to premiere the video clip for Frigoris ' song "Scheideweg" today, the first ever Frigoris music video! "Scheideweg" is taken from Frigoris' latest full-length album "...in Stille" released less than a month ago on January 24.

"It is always exciting when Nic offers me opportunities to create videos for the label, and even more exciting when it's bands I've been a fan of for a long time. Upon discussing the video with Dominik and learning of the albums narrative focus, I was absolutely intrigued by their story, and felt confident we could collaborate towards something very fitting in video. I try not to tell an album's story beat for beat, as the album does that itself, but instead to interpret its narrative through my own aesthetic and create something parallel in meaning, but all its own.

As always, I chose other artists to play the characters present, as I am a firm believer in building art communities wherever I can, and the diverse artistic background of the three actors really gave a unique feel to the creative process."
- Erik Labossiere (Director)

"Typically when Erik and I are hashing out video concepts it starts with listening to a track multiple times at the kitchen table. We build a direction we feel is appropriate and that we are excited about. And then we hope that the band is also excited about it.

Most times we are working with a very small “crew”. Erik, myself, maybe 1-2 actors. That’s it. With this project we needed more people to pull off the vision. None of this crew had even so much as met each other. We had worked with Catlynn, but that was it. Due to that, shoot day was exciting and terrifying all together. Once we got everyone in the same room my concerns subsided. It was a super positive experience. Everyone was joking around getting to know each other, trading experiences. Everyone in that room, in their own individual way is an artist. Very different mediums but all artists. And that feeling was awesome. Knowing that we had, if only for 4 hours, built a new community."
- Kristin Wagner (Producer)

Concept by: Dominik Winter and Erik Labossiere

Directed by: Erik Labossiere
Produced by: Kristin Wagner
( Wikked Twist Media )

Adam Horvey
Shellyn Fretz
Catlynn Catacombs

In : Frigoris 

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