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VIDEO PREMIERE: Inherus - Forgotten Kingdom

Posted by Hypnotic Dirge Records on Wednesday, March 15, 2023 Under: Inherus
Today, we premiere the opening track "Forgotten Kingdom" from Inherus' upcoming album Beholden!

Crossing the realms of post-metal and heavy rock, Beholden is a 6 track, 60-minute album, that mixes black metal, psyche-rock-influenced solos and doomy riffs with male and female clean & harsh vocals. The record spans genres without living in any singular one and yields both a united heartbreaking and feral sound. Beholden will be released on May 26th, 2023.

"Forgotten Kingdom is about the dynamics of power intense relationships can have - the lasting effect one has on another whether in presence or absence. Two voices reach for each other, yet whether one hears the other is of less importance than what they tell themselves as they transform. Forgotten Kingdom is the doors of a relationship closing - a lost world that once existed between two people, each of whom are now someone else."

"Working with Inhervs on concept creation and visual realization of the themes presented within 'Forgotten Kingdom" was precisely why I enjoy filming videos for musical artists. The attention and passion they have for narrative and emotional expression creates so much room for exploration in the visual medium and it was such a privilege to work with Beth to create a visual that met the depth of her vision."
-Erik; Wikked Twist Productions


"The overall theme is the power of relationships and connectivity. Life challenges us but ultimately we have to know our own strength. Like the Stag Priestess depicted on the cover of the album, there is an otherworldly part of each of us that tames the fire of the unpredictable and approaches the world in spite of it with kindness. She can walk the forest in the dark. The songs call upon that desire."

Greeted by the album's opener "Forgotten Kingdom", this heavy, groove-fueled track twists and turns through gloom, doom-filled paths. Powerful harsh vocals enhance the intensity while stunning clean vocal harmonies introduce an ethereal edge. Exploring dynamics of power in relationships, and how so often control is yielded to another at the expense of self, INHERUS aptly portray their lyrical concepts through musical performance. Venturing on a dynamic journey through textural landscapes, Beholden leads to the dramatic finale "Lie to the Angels". Stepping into progressive lands, intricate lead guitars, thundering percussion and non-standard time signatures feed into the chaotic and dark mood of the track. With demonic harsh emerging through the shadows, "Lie to the Angels" unleashes the outfit's ominous side. However, the track is not without glimpses into the light, as soaring clean harmonies, delicate drum hits and soft atmospheres deliver a tranquil contrast.

Based out of The Hudson Valley, New York, the band was formed in the summer of 2018 by Brian Harrigan and Anthony DiBlasi. Andrew Vogt joined the line-up shortly after and the foundations of what would become "Forgotten Kingdom" began to take shape. Beth Gladding became involved having moved to the area in the fall of that year, and upon hearing her contribution to the developing track, was auditioned and completed INHERUS' line-up. Drawing inspiration from a broad range of musical and creative influences the quartet enjoys creatively blending multiple elements together to forge new sounds. Between home studios and live and isolated tracking, the band is now advancing through several singles and a sophomore full-length album. INHERUS are also performing throughout New York City and the state as the band continues the never-ending task of crafting their own pulverizing live sound.

Anthony DiBlasi (WITCHKISS) - Bass, Vocals
Beth Gladding (LOTUS THIEF, FORLESEN, BOTANIST, PALACE OF WORMS) - Vocals, Guitar, Synth, Mandolin
Brian Harrigan (GRID, SWALLOW THE OCEAN) - Vocals, Guitar, Synth

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