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VIDEO PREMIERE: Kassad - The Boundary

Posted by Nick Skog on Tuesday, June 25, 2019 Under: Kassad
Kassad's new track "The Boundary" from their forthcoming (as-of-yet untitled) second full-length album now has an accompanying video, premiering now on Invisible Oranges!!

"We may marvel at our own ingenuity — skyscrapers edging toward kilometer (and even mile) heights, 16-lane highways feeding monstrous steel and glass jungles of capitalism, legions of city workers working 24/7 to maintain the whole system — but in doing so, we also forget one crucial thing: this is all at a cost. Not a financial cost per se, but a human one, especially in the shadow of capitalism and the blinding light of post-capitalism. And as robotics and next-generation technology threaten livelihoods, the formula’s output becomes even less promising. Kassad write music for that, not the eventual decay of humanity due to urbanization, but its eventual obsolescence. Will we build ourselves into a humanly untenable future; do we see where all this is taking us? “The Boundary” may represent the breaking point. Its sounds (and visuals) certainly take us there first, in spirit, maybe as a warning. How terrifying will our future be, if there even is one?"

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