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VINYL: Feral Light - Life Vapor

Posted by Nick Skog on Wednesday, March 17, 2021 Under: Feral Light
We have some copies of Feral Light's Life Vapor on LP available to order now!

The LP was self-released by the band but international shipping from Canada is cheaper than from the US so we are helping with distribution. 

We only have 10 copies currently, so order quickly if you're interested.

The record itself is a beautiful burgundy/silver merge and the art and design was reworked for the vinyl edition by Unexpected Specter. Mastered for vinyl by James Plotkin.

*IMPORTANT: Unfortunately the corners of the LP's were slightly damaged in transit. The last photo below shows the extent of the damage. Because of this, we've dropped the price to $C20.


Firmly anchored in Blackened Post-Metal, Life Vapor - their third album -, not only builds up on the foundations of its predecessor, but it also cranks it up on all fronts. It instantly pulls you in with its killer mix of melodic and dissonant riffing, combining and incorporating various styles including elements of post-metal, black n roll, doom, and second-wave black metal. This album is loaded with catchy riffs and memorable hooks exhibiting momentous black n roll sections that transform into triumphant post-metal, somber doom metal, and everywhere in between. Life Vapor is an album that manages to explore a wide berth of what the blackened sub-genres can manifest while remaining rooted by strong and purposeful songwriting and a balanced mix that highlights the instrumentation.
A1 - Blood in Sand
A2 - Assuage 
A3 - Walking Tomb
B4 - Last Gasp Invocation
B5 - Hex of Inverses
B6 - In Summation

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