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VINYL RELEASE: NONE - Life has gone on long enough [Release / Update]

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, July 3, 2020 Under: NONE
Today is officially the release date for the vinyl pressing of NONE's second album. Sadly, the vinyl are still in transit from Europe. I checked the tracking numbers this morning and it seems like they are about 1-2 weeks from arriving. As soon as they arrive, we'll work our asses off to get ALL the orders out within 3-4 days so I just ask for your patience for a little while longer!

If you've ordered the repress of the long-sleeve "A Coffin for a Bed" shirt, that's expected to arrive here either today or Monday so those orders will be shipped out immediately. NONE hoodie restock is also arriving with the same shipment so if you're waiting on your hoodie, that will be mailed out next week as well.

When we press NONE III, we'll start the process a bit sooner so that  everything is here by the release date. Another thing to note: Viridian Flame Records has their copies already since they are based in Belgium so if you ordered from them, your order is probably on its way to you!

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