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Posted by Nick Skog on Wednesday, December 29, 2021 Under: Webshop Additions
We have added some new titles from GS Productions, based out of Russia.
Over the years, they have re-released many albums from internationally known bands, as well as released some original works.

Here is a list of GSP albums that is being distributed by Hypnotic Dirge now.

GSP288 Fungoid Stream - The Wind Among the Stars
GSP297 Frowning - Death Requiem
GSP323 Thy Catafalque - Zapor
GSP324 Lysithea - Realms
GSP325 Lysithea - The Secret Fate of All Life
GSP326 Lysithea - The End of All Things
GSP329 My Shameful - Penance
GSP332 Red Moon Architect - Fall
GSP336 Abyssmal Sorrow - Lament
GSP337 Funeral Mourning - Inertia of Dissonance (A Sermon in Finality)
GSP338 Funeral Mourning - Descent-Left Seething
GSP342 Thy Catafalque - Sublunary Tragedies
GSP343 Thy Catafalque - Microcosmos
GSP344 Clouds - Dor II
GSP354 I Dark the Suns - In Darkness Comes Beauty
GSP354 II Dark the Suns - All Ends in Silence
GSP354 III Dark the Suns - Sleepwalking in a Nightmare
GSP356 Funeral Mourning - Drawn in Solitude
GSP359 Дрём - 4

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