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WEBSHOP UDPATE: Onism Productions

Posted by Nick Skog on Monday, March 29, 2021 Under: Webshop Additions
Today we have also added releases from an excellent new label based out of the UK, Onism Productions.
Since its inception in 2020, Onism has released some very noteworthy releases, including those listed below.

We have added the following titles to our shop, to provide faster and cheaper shipping for those of you based in North America.

ONISM 001 Amherawdr - Adorned with the Figures of Snakes
ONISM 002 Lord Orots - Conquering The Infinite Void
ONISM 003 Misertus - Daydream / Coil / Outland [3CD]
ONISM 004 Epitimia - Allusion
ONISM 005 Druon Antigon - Desontstijging

More about Onism: 
Onism Productions was founded in rural England in 2020 with the purpose of helping to manifest unique and worthwhile music to the world, and with the belief that art is the principal reason for being.

We aim to encapsulate any music that comes from places beyond and within; that of the unusual or unreal, and with a penchant for nature, the dark and obscure. Whilst we often find these qualities in familiar genres rooted in black metal and neo-folk; we expect and indeed strive to find them anywhere. And so, of particular interest are those that blur the borders and reveal new paths.

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