VINYL RELEASE: NONE - Life has gone on long enough

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Following the vinyl release of NONE’s debut album earlier this year, Hypnotic Dirge and Viridian Flame are thrilled to announce a vinyl release date for NONE’s second chapter “Life has gone on long enough.”

Written during the latter half of 2017, and originally released on CD and Digital formats on April 11, 2018, this momentous album will now also be available in vinyl format beginning July 3, 2020.

Much like the first record, this one will also be released in an edition of 300 copies, split evenly between Hypnotic Dirge - for North American buyers, and Viridian Flame - for European buyers. Those living outside of those regions can order from whoever they want. The record will be available in three editions, “verdant grave”, “dead and gray”, and classic black. This time around, instead of a booklet, the record will come with a panoramic 90cm x 30cm fold out poster which will display the brilliant album art in all its glory.

Pre-orders will go live later this month!

Side A
A1 - Bleak, damp, and dead (2:51)
A2 - A world, dead and gray (7:46)
A3 - Bed the cold earth (7:44)
A4 - Hypoxic (6:58)

Side B 
B5 - Corroded (5:17)
B6 - Desiderate (7:52)
B7 - Life is long enough (7:56)
B8 - Illa Tiðandi (Burzum Cover) (6:03)

Record Specs:
 300 copies, divided into 3 different colors :
--- 100 in “verdant grave” edition (transparent / green marble)
--- 100 in “dead and gray” edition (gray / black marble)
--- 100 in classic black
- 140g vinyl at 33 rpm in black poly-lined inner sleeves
- 350gsm outer sleeve, with matte lamination 
- includes a double-sided panoramic 90cm x 30cm fold out poster
- packed in a re-sealable plastic sleeve

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