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Norilsk to release "The Idea of North" on vinyl via War on Music Records and Sunmask Records!

Posted by Nick Skog on Saturday, June 18, 2016, In : Album News 
Some big news for those who have wanted Norilsk's debut album "The Idea of North" on Vinyl!
Below is the official press release from Sunmask Records and War on Music Records.

Named after Siberia’s northernmost city, home of a famous heavy metal smelting complex, Norilsk is a doom-death band from Gatineau/Ottawa, Canada. Characterized by slow and crushing riffs, death growls, and atmospheric arrangements, its music draws com...

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Norilsk performs at Day 3 of "Earslaughter Vol. 1" - June 5, 2016

Posted by Nick Skog on Saturday, June 18, 2016, In : Live Show News, Reviews, and Video 
On June 5, Norilsk performed on Day 3 of Montreal Earslaughter Vol. 1

Here is a show review from Bucketlist Music Reviews for the entire night's lineup including the aforementioned Norilsk, as well as Monobrow, Disrotted, Tunguska Mammoth and Monolord.

And of course, here is an excerpt from the review about Norilsk's set.

"I arrived to Norilsk already into their set, and a very small crowd of folks scattered about. The vibe was very relaxed, but I spotted a few familiar faces from the weekend, s...

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