Norilsk performs at Day 3 of "Earslaughter Vol. 1" - June 5, 2016

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On June 5, Norilsk performed on Day 3 of Montreal Earslaughter Vol. 1

Here is a show review from Bucketlist Music Reviews for the entire night's lineup including the aforementioned Norilsk, as well as Monobrow, Disrotted, Tunguska Mammoth and Monolord.

And of course, here is an excerpt from the review about Norilsk's set.

"I arrived to Norilsk already into their set, and a very small crowd of folks scattered about. The vibe was very relaxed, but I spotted a few familiar faces from the weekend, so I guess we were in the same “tired but wanting more metal” boat. These cats from Hull, Québec were a great opening act in my books. Their tunes were a good mix of doom with some death and sludge, and they just came off as swell guys, giving cheers to the crowd at one point, which I thought was classy. The vocalist Nicolas Miquelon had a small battle with his hair getting caught in the mic at one point, and laughed it off with jokes while fighting to get his hair back from the hungry mic. He had great clean vocals, I really enjoyed his voice. I loved watching the drummer, who managed to bust horizontal windmills while bashing his skins; props for that!"

Here are some photos from the show:

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