Norilsk's "The Idea of North" album featured on numerous year-end lists!

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, January 15, 2016 Under: News / Studio Updates
At the end of each year comes various year-end lists from many music blogs. Norilsk's debut album "The Idea of North" which was released in March 2015 was included in many writer's lists. Below is a list of Norilsk's mentions in year-end lists for 2015, with links in the titles.

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Doom/Death Metal meshed with Post Metal seems to only be expanding in Canada. Norilsk have crafted an interesting work with towering grooves, epic melodies and sludgy atmospheres. Excited for the next album.

I caught wind of this band back in February when Islander covered Hypnotic Dirge Records’ Subarctic Nocturnes compilation, which featured Norilsk’s track “Planète Heurt.” As much as I liked that track, I dug “Japetus” even more. Especially the cerebral music video the band made for that song.

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