Norilsk - "The Idea of North" Vinyl Release Date Set

Posted by Nick Skog on Wednesday, September 7, 2016 Under: Album News
Vinyl Fanatics take note! Norilsk's brilliant debut album "The Idea of North" will see a vinyl release on September 30, as a co-release between War on Music Records / Sunmask!!

"In case you missed our post this week, we have announced September 30th as the release date for the vinyl version of The Idea of North. The band will have copies, so if you live in the Gatineau/Ottawa area, you can hit us up (we may also drop copies at local record stores), and you'll be able to grab your copy at our upcoming shows this Fall. Otherwise, you can pre-order now your copy through Sunmask or War on Music Records.

The vinyl actually looks and sounds gorgeous. It is a gatefold, with all lyrics and a beautiful insert. Tracklist is a little different than on the CD/tape because of side lengths, but all songs are included:

Side A:
Potsdam Glo
Nature morte

Side B:
Planète Heurt
La liberté aux ailes brisées
La Grande Noirceur
The Idea of North"

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