VIDEO RELEASE: Norilsk releases music video “The Way”, off their forthcoming album

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On October 12, doom-death entity Norilsk is set to release a brand new offering; an omen that autumn will be tuned down to doom and the bitter cold. Weepers of the Land is the follow up mini-album to last year's full length Le passage des glaciers, presenting a more abrasive and visceral Norilsk weaving stories of heritage, loss, and displacement through dynamic and atmospheric blackened death-doom metal. Weepers of the Land will be Norilsk’s third installment on Hypnotic Dirge Records.

Vocalist/bassist Nic M. comments: “When we entered Wolf Lake Studio in 2017, we had enough new material to record nearly two albums. We chose to record it all, working with producer Mike Bond once again to explore the spectrum of possibilities and see what this beast would look like before deciding on how we would separate and release the material. On last year's Le passage des glaciers, the songs represented a cold and solitary travel inward, and we kept the more exploratory and collaborative songs for this year's follow up. Weepers of the Land could therefore be seen as the second half of this recording session, one where Norilsk has been cycling inward and outward.”

“The Way” is the first excerpt of Norilsk's 2018 release Weepers of the Land. In a surprisingly short length for the genre, the band delivers the spirit of death and doom, while paying tribute to one of the earliest occult movies filmed on Canadian soil.

Credits: Video and audio excerpts taken from Secrets of Chinatown – The black robe, Northern Films Ltd (1935).

Weepers of the Land track listing:
1. No Sacred Ground (7:51)
2. The Way (3:33)
3. Toute la noirceur du monde (5:23)
4. Tomber 7 fois (5:04) (Mylène Farmer cover, exclusive to CD)
5. Weepers of the Land (10:21)

Available October 12, 2018, on Hypnotic Dirge Records.
Pre-orders coming soon.

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