New Obsidian Tongue shirts available soon!

Posted by Nick Skog on Tuesday, July 8, 2014 Under: Shirts
Obsidian Tongue is pleased to introduce their 3 new T-shirt designs, fresh off the presses.

- "A Nest..." Album shirt. This image is an alternative version of the album cover by Jake Kobrin. He drew this as a "concept sketch" for the album artwork prior to the final version, but we liked this stripped-down version so much that we just needed it printed on a shirt!

- "Crossing Over": This is the first piece we commissioned artist Nate Burns to do for us earlier this year, after seeing his work for our friends in Panopticon and Heron, among others. I just told him to choose his favorite song from "A Nest..." and draw what the song brought to mind. The song was Brothers in the Stars.

- "A Feral Wisdom": Our second piece provided by Nate Burns. Inspired by the title track from "A Nest...", the image is a man being ripped apart by a flock of Ravens, his soul escaping the body and stretching upwards to the full moon cloudy sky. A look of acceptance and even joy of the mutilation is on his face. The back features the final phrase of lyrics to the song.

All shirts will be available in sizes S-XL, and Obsidian Tongue will be setting up a new webstore with these shirts available soon! When the shirts are available, we (HDR) will notify you where you can place your order for them. It is possible that we will have a limited selection available directly on the HDR webshop but the majority will be available directly from the band!

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