Odradek Room interview with Mortem 'Zine

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Odradek Room interview with Mortem 'Zine
Published: June 3, 2013
*Google translation of Czech interview

Greetings in Mariupol, if you are at home, and anywhere else if you are on tour. Outside you have a debut album "Bardo. Relative Reality "that can withstand rigorous standards. How is a short distance on his debut look?

Thanks for the compliment! Generally speaking, I'm quite happy with it. Of course, with hindsight, I feel that something, whether sound or anything else that could be done differently, but that's not important.

How many weeks or months you work on the new album come from? Where did the album made? Were you in the studio just a necessary evil, or vice versa are a band that likes experimenting, changing things ...?

We have a whole album recorded in our impromptu mini-studio. The actual recording us due to various technical difficulties it took about a year and a half and in that time some things changed constantly. If recorded in a professional studio, we could not change anything, so we in our small studio like. I'm more comfortable when you can do everything yourself.

I reckon that you Odradek Room proficient readers. Try ajar topic Franz Kafka and the name of your band, as well as complete news that should go in the footsteps of the book The Tibetan Book of the Dead.

The name was inspired by Franz Kafka's short story "The concern of the head of the family". Odradek is a small creature like ghost, something as amended figment of perception. Have this figure itself embodies certain metaphysical categories, which are outside the normal perception of reality, as is the case in other parts of Kafka. Bardo is the pinnacle of consciousness can be a dream or a posthumous state. The Tibetan Book of the Dead's deep, peak states of consciousness described.

If you take the news from a purely ideological concept is the following of that book, or this book is only one of the influences and main direction is in your own interpretation?

Yes, the idea and concept of the album refers to the Bardo Thodol, but images transmitted by the protagonist of the book come. They are the result of literary works, personal experiences, meditation, etc.

Musically I see and especially hear Odradek Room very creative composition capable band. You have a very strong atmosphere, intrigued me the first time. What are your priorities in terms of rendering the music itself? How would you introduce your band a man who does not know what to expect? Personally, I hear there conjunction progress of metal music with some hope, darkness and perhaps even perversion.

Music is a special language capable of reaching depths of consciousness, but what the listener hears, depending on his experience, lifestyle and emotional state. Everyone hears music differently and accordingly we tried to compose, exploring the nature of feelings, suffering, pain, but also hope and peace. We wanted to musically describe the components of human life and emotions, bit by bit, step by step.

Where can I find influences in your music? What music do you listen to yourself which way to intersect the path of your band? It is clear to me that you will not be one-sided focus.

It's hard for me to talk about influences, because I listen to different genres and read different kinds of books. I listen ECM jazz, art-rock, post genres, trip-hop, death, prog and doom metal. But honestly, do not listen to that much metal. You know, if I listed the all the bands, so we took over the whole page.

The lyrics I hear both English and your native language. What style of preparing a text? This is the snippets of books by other authors, or your own creation? Do you create poetry in English now?

The English lyrics are in the booklet to English-speaking fans understand what we want our music to say. The lyrics are very important to us, but nevertheless I sing only in Russian.

In the past, Odradek Room's name was Shards Of Silence. Imagine these little its beginnings. It worked then you are in the same group? Is there a recording issued under this name?

Set Shards of Silence has long been unstable, even if there were permanent members like me and my bass player and close friend Sergei. In Odradek Room compose music, write lyrics and arrangements, while Sergey has his excellent project A Walk to Eveningside, which is currently recording his songs.

By the way, when we're talking about literature, could you tell us something about the Ukraine? Are there any typical topics or authors, moods that make it unique? I'm sure you can think of something.

To be honest, I'm not a great admirer of Ukrainian literature, as its main themes are mostly "Oppression of Ukraine by Russia and Rzecipospolitej evil", the social and political issues as I do not agree. For me, Russia and Ukraine one nation that was artificially and politically divided. As for literature, so my favorites are Kafka, Sartre, Dostoevsky and Hesse.

Your hometown is more of an industrial site. How is the cultural Mariupol page as you work on organizing concerts UG, how you stand regarding club events in town? Do you feel that you industrial character of influences, just as was the case in Birmingham band Black Sabbath, Napalm Death, Godflesh and others?

Yes, Mariupol is an industrial city with all its implications. There is a high crime and the environment is polluted and destroyed. It's hard to say whether it has a big influence on our music ... Anyway Mariupol is a city punk music.

Ukrainian stage I feel more like the black metal that still evokes different responses induced by promoting Nazism. But bands like Nokturnal Mortum, Drudkh Kroda or take the music very strong. What is in your doom metal scene, eventually. existence of other bands, friends that would like to mention?

Vin de Mia Trix soon issued album. Cams are great and it will be interesting to hear, what is going to draw on the board. Kapel there is more.

Your debut came under the Canadian label Hypnotic Dirge Records. As you are satisfied with them, take care of good distribution, advertising?

Very happy with them. Nick Hypnotik Dirge Records is a pleasant one.

Thanks for the opportunity to say a few words for our webzine. It was an honor. Something in the end?

Thanks for the questions were quite interesting. Hello readers.

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