Song Premiere: Odradek Room - Mirror Labyrinth

Posted by Nick Skog on Wednesday, August 30, 2017 Under: Release News
No Clean Singing is premiering the track "Mirror Labyrinth" from Odradek Room's upcoming album - "A Man of Silt", out in early October from Hypnotic Dirge Records and BadMoodMan Music!

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"The song we’re bringing you today is as mysterious and haunting as the Kafka story that provided the inspiration for the band’s name. Its intensity ebbs and flows. Slow and somber at first, with a spectral guitar melody as the centerpiece of the intro, it becomes more urgent, in part through an accelerating rhythmic drive and the appearance of tormented harsh vocals. Jagged, jabbing riffs push the intensity further as the melody soars and glides. And just as the guitar work begins to swarm and rip… the intensity diminishes, the song becoming heavier and more harrowing.

And here, a soulful but sorrowing dual-guitar melody emerges, and impressive clean vocals tease out the melancholy melodic threads of the song even further, the experience then capped by a bluesy extended solo over a heavy, head-nodding bass line. It’s an entrancing song, introspective and thought-provoking."

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