Élan O'Neal releases “Subterranean Cartography” for free download!

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Élan O'Neal releases “Subterranean Cartography” for free download!
Élan O'Neal, the musician behind the one man ambient project, Old Forgotten Lands has recorded and released a full-length concept album entitled "Subterranean Cartography" under a different project name. The album has been made available for free streaming and download on Hypnotic Dirge Records, as well as released as a limited edition physical edition through Swaptkult Productions.

Regarding the motivation and inspiration for writing this album, Élan had this to say:

"Subterranean Cartography was created almost immediately upon an
instant whim of inspiration, drawn from complementary forces of
oceanic research and fascination. Add this to the fact that I went out
and bought a new synthesizer, and the rest is history.
Thoroughly recorded through sleepless nights all within one week, this
album ended up being one of the most personal and ambitious projects I
have yet to embark on, as the culmination of my fascination married
well into my will to try out new textures and elements I had yet to
embed into my music.

Conceptually, I was amazed by my experiences in my research and wished
to create a soundtrack for the vivid pictures which now struck my
psyche: miniscule ocean life following seasonal, almost telepathic
electromagnetic paths mapped out by forces which extend to the stars.
From the deeps to the skies, our universe is intricately connected,
and its mysteries are many... much of which lies in the underwater
crevices of our own earth.

This album is dedicated to the research, preservation, and wonders of
our surrounding seas."


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