Old Forgotten Lands - Primal [Album press release]

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HDR - 021 : Old Forgotten Lands - Primal
Release Date: March 10th, 2012

 "Thousands of years after the creation of the earth, humanity is hopelessly lost. In a sea of synthetic fabrications and ways of life that are impenetrable, one cannot even hope to find fulfillment without stressors to hinder it.

However, the earth still cycles as it always has, and the rains and snow have destroyed as much as it has created. In true chaos, nature has an order. In this order, one can come to a haunting conclusion: that nature's simplicity is just as prominent as its confusion, and yet its ways have surpassed ours a thousandfold for aeons.

In order for us to find what is fulfilling beyond ourselves, we need to look beyond what our selves have crafted. We need to look not after ourselves, but before ourselves. We must not look toward the advanced for fulfillment, as it has lead us only to dread. We must long for a time that is primal in nature.

We must find meaning in the unpredictable. We must learn to savor every bated breath we possess, to be grateful for scarce food, to feel intimidation in the midst of great storms, to hunt before we are hunted ourselves, and to know that our enemies just might kill us. When we take all of our advancements, protection, and strongholds away from ourselves, the bitterness of life all of the sudden will become sweeter.

The 'Primal' album is an experimental, yet bound group of works based off of this concept, and was crafted using a plethora of real, organic instruments and featured collaborations with prolific, kindred spirits that were mostly recorded outdoors, as they should be. The results were haunting... "

-Elan O'Neal 

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