New Album Update 06/28/2010

Posted by Nick Skog on Friday, July 2, 2010 Under: News/Updates
So, upon a visit to my homelands, I had an intense session with some folks you may have heard from, at a place I have always felt a strong nostalgic connection to.

One of them being mister 'forwardslash' from Njiqahhda, one being Ascaris of NTRLWRM/Nagasaki Grotesque/Suncarcass, and one being Jon from Footpaths/Bergtagen. My wife even got in on it.

I must say, friends, that this, along with my collaborations with Bjørn of Requiem Nocturne, is shaping up to be one extremely exciting collection of songs. This album will represent many memories, sessions, thoughts, and visuals. 

Keep a lookout for it; I have perhaps one more track to do before I send everything out to Hypnotic Dirge Records for release.

Plans are already in the works for a future release, and it seems I am going to be collaborating with Draumar for a split. Until then, though, this will be my priority.


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