Old Forgotten Lands joins Hypnotic Dirge Records

Posted by Nick Skog on Tuesday, March 9, 2010 Under: Press Releases
Statement from Elan O'Neal (March 8th, 2010)

"Old Forgotten Lands is proud to announce its recent signing with Hypnotic Dirge Records.

The project has much to owe to its previous label affiliate EEE Recordings, as it had grown and cultivated the project for its beginning years, but due to unforeseen circumstances, EEE Recordings and Old Forgotten Lands have been forced to part ways. I must note that it is a mutual agreement, and that E. and I are on good terms, and that I still wish to promote that label as much as possible.

However, upon closing a chapter in this project's history, a new page must be opened. Upon deciding which label to choose to continue the manifestation of this project, Hypnotic Dirge was a natural first choice. With the collaborative split album release of last year that I did with this label, not only was I extremely satisfied with the end result, but I felt as if the label was responsible and professional.

The new material you will hear from Old Forgotten Lands will draw very little parallels to that of the first album, and will have more in common with folk and world music than the synthetic sound of the past. With the introduction of new instruments and concepts, it will retain its theme and atmosphere, but will also have a new body.

The future of this project looks promising..."

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