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Published: November 13, 2019

Just a few months back, we reviewed Sertraline‘s EP, From Both Our Hands, well-knowing that the band had decided to split their previous full length idea into two separate releases. Admittedly, I’d forgotten all about the second part of Sertraline’s 2019 release plan, but their OTHER new EP, which I just got in my email today is quite simply, a masterpiece.

I’m not just saying that because of my obsession with atmospheric black metal. I definitely had to dig deeper than that. Things kick off with a frightening chill via the song, “Eyes As Tableau”. The introduction of this song, and consequently this album, is a savagely creepy progression with Middle Eastern vibes, all fairly unique to the band. But once the echoing clean guitars and subtle tribal drums give way to an avalanche of distortion and ominous reverb-laden effects, Sertraline get back to normal. This entire song is a depressive, melancholic, labor of loss and despair. For a band like Sertraline, it’s honestly the perfect mood to use, when picking up after the conclusion of the previous EP.

The second track, “Their Cities”, goes right for the throat within the first few seconds. The drums are full of personality this time around, complimenting the guitars with heavy, but jazzy arrangements between the kick, snare and cymbals. Some interesting tom fills follow, making way for more of Sertraline’s signature sound. Long, sustained notes in the higher register, carry the melody, while lower register chord progressions keep the rhythm strong. At the same time, this track weaves in and out of distorted sections with saddening clean passages. I hear a lot of Opeth and Insomnium influence in this one.

The EP concludes after only three songs with, “Prague”. If you’re hungry for this kind of stuff, don’t worry about the lack of tunes. The three songs together, make for around twenty-one minutes of music. “Prague” is very black metal right off the bat, vocally. Creep-tastic, drawn out notes with lots of chorus, play beneath those distant sounding, reverb-filled harsh vocal rasps we all know and love. As the song progresses, the rasps turn into a mixture between clean singing and spoken word. There’s a soft, Gothic vibe here, reminiscent of Pete Steele. Then, from there on out, it’s deliciously epic depressive note progressions and harsh screams, conveyed through the ever-appropriate 3/4 time signature. You’ll waltz all the way into your grave to this song! And don’t forget about the tasty blast beats and fills that will pleasantly surprise you from time to time.

Fans of Elffor, Katatonia, Opeth, Insomnium, Wolves in the Throne Room and others of the like, should give Sertraline from Buffalo, NY a try!

Reviewed by: Mike Marlinski

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 Released:  November 12, 2019
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Genre: Post-Black Metal