Silent Path releases 'Epic Suicide' from upcoming album, Mourner Portraits

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Silent Path releases 'Epic Suicide' from upcoming album, Mourner Portraits

The track 'Epic Suicide' from the upcoming Silent Path album 'Mourner Portraits' has now been made available for streaming and free download. This is the third and final track to made available from the upcoming 'Mourner Portraits' album which will be released on Hypnotic Dirge Records in July 2012.

Silent Path is another musical project from Saman Nu, the musician behind the Iranian atmospheric Black Metal project, Ekove Efrits. While with Ekove Efrits, Saman creates a depressive sound which is filled with soaring melodies, doom-laden ambience, and deep melancholy. With Silent Path however, the sound is grittier, darker, and much less optimistic. This is down-tempo depressive black metal which explores humanity for what it often is - a virus, a disease, and a pandemic. Mourner Portraits, the long-awaited debut album from Silent Path will be out on Hypnotic Dirge Records in the summer of 2012.


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