Full stroszek discography uploaded to bandcamp!

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 The full stroszek discography has been uploaded to their bandcamp page and is now available for free streaming!
As well as this, the three full-length albums are available to download for 4 euros each, and the two EP releases are available to download for free. All sales made from digital downloads on the stroszek bandcamp page goes directly to the band, so if you are looking for a way to support this project directly, you can do so by downloading the music directly from the official bandcamp page!


As well as this, those looking to find physical copies of the past stroszek albums, the past two stroszek full-lengths 'songs of remorse' and 'life failures made music' are now available to order from Hypnotic Dirge. You can order all three stroszek albums as a package deal for $32 in North America, and $34 elsewhere. However, if you've already got some of those albums and would like to just order 1 or 2 instead, just send an email to: hypnoticdirgerecords@hotmail.com

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Each of the stroszek albums will have its own page in the Distro shop eventually, but a distro update is not planned until December because of a very busy next month preparing for the next HDR compilation album.

Upcoming for stroszek is a physical release of the 'a break in the day' EP from the great Pest Productions in China. Afterwards, a special deluxe re-release is planned through Hypnotic Dirge in the early months of 2013, followed by the next full-length album towards the end of 2013. Of course, more details on all of this will follow soon...


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