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 Canada’s Hypnotic Dirge Records have released a video for “can’t make things undone” a track from the upcoming STROSZEK’s album “Sound Graveyard Bound” which is scheduled for release on the 10th March. 

The nine-track “Sound Graveyard Bound” will be the third full-length album from STROSZEK, the project formed by Claudio Alcara of FROSTMOON ECLIPSE, one of Italy’s longest serving Italian Black Metal bands.  Unlike his work with FROSTMOON ECLIPSE, which mixes Old School Black Metal with acoustic interludes, STROSZEK is a much more introspective vehicle in which Alcara takes the listener on an intimate journey through his life, replacing the distinctive heavy riffs for which he is maybe better known, with a much more haunting style, which a guitarist of his calibre is able to do with consummate ease.   As well as Alcara himself, STROSZEK features fellow FROSTMOON ECLIPSE members Davide on bass and Richard on drums.  “Sound Graveyard Bound” features a cover version of MIKE JOHNSON’s “If The World Hadn’t Gone Insane”

Commenting recently on the new album Alcara said “With the first release I tended to keep my vocals very far back in the mix.  As a guitarist I wasn’t used to being the centre of attention, and my vocal style is certainly not that of a “screamer”, on the contrary, I’m rather laid back,  but after three albums I’m confident that my vocal style suits the music, so this time I’m not too worried about hiding behind the instruments this time”. 

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