stroszek Interview with Against Magazine; Issue 4 [December 26, 2013]

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stroszek Interview with Against Magazine
Published: December 26, 2013
Interview by: Joel Costa
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AGAINST: Congratulations on the release of “Wild years of remorse and failures”, which is a reissue of 24 featured in previous releases. What can you tell us about the title of this double album? Is there any deep meaning?
STROSZEK: thank you very much... about the title we could say that "remorse" is obviously a reference to our first album "songs of remorse", while "failures" reminds of our second one "life failures made music".
"wild years" should take you straight to the well-known tom waits album "frank's wild years", a real cult album for me. you know, kind of stuff linked together.

AGAINST: And why have you decided to remaster the tracks of those previous albums and re-release it? Was there any particular thing that influenced this decision?
STROSZEK: it was nick skog/hypnotic dirge idea to release such a monster , and I couldn't agree more: those albums are hard to find, the EP "the wild hunt" is even sold out. moreover they were all released on the now dead label god is myth rec. (run back then by todd paulson) and mark a window of time now closed for many reasons, so it is the perfect seal.
my last album "sound graveyard bound" came out on hypnotic dirge in 2012 and another reissue called "a break in the day" was also released this year on pest prod., so I didn't really think there was a great need of new music from me. many bands release albums once a year... maybe that could be cool when you're young, now I just want to think slower about my recordings.

AGAINST: What has inspired your sound? It has this kind of emotional/aggressive feeling. Was it something premeditated?
STROSZEK: not at all, I just kind of write the music I'd like to hear. inspiration may come from books (cormac mccarthy), movies (herzog, von trier) and of course, other music (townes van zandt and the likes).

AGAINST: Which aspect would you consider to be the most important to your music?
STROSZEK: I think it's the general feeling. stroszek is all about feeling, I don't want to be technical, I don't care to sound perfect. I am not flawless, not even my music is, and I'd prefer it to be perceived as much "live" as possible. all in all, I think it's honest stuff.

AGAINST: And what would you like to do differently in future albums?
STROSZEK: I'd like to focus on the singer/songwriter style, I think it's the right dimension for me... I mean, I am getting no younger so I have to think about music in a different way, according to my age.
I'd also like to have more guests, music is a learning process and it's good to have always new people working on your songs. on "wild years..." there's a dick curless cover called "bury the bottle with me" where I have chris from thayer cabin on dobro and that adds a cool vibe. you know, stuff like that.

AGAINST: What’s your opinion on the Folk scene at the moment?
STROSZEK: this year there were many good albums released, like chris eckman, andrea schroeder, marissa nadler... glitterhouse rec. always releases some very cool stuff. otherwise you could always stick to the classics, townes van zandt, mickey newbury or even nick drakes... too many to mention.

AGAINST: What plans do you have for this upcoming year?
STROSZEK: will promote "wild years..." the best I can and I may do some solo shows here and there while writing a new album. let's see what happens step by step. those interested could check what I am doing on my websites
...thank you very much for this space.

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