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stroszek Interview with Son of Flies Wezbine
Published: February 6, 2014
Interview by: Christian Mountain
*Google translation of Italian review

stroszek, the project started in 2007 by Claudio Alcara (Founding Member of Italian black metal act 'Frostmoon Eclipse') gives more adventure. Stay in the music composer to prive the ropes in vibrant all its majesty. A musician to be considered for the great sensitivity and jurisdiction in respect of the art sound.

1. Hello Claudio. Thank you for agreeing to answer interview. Stroszek is a reverse kind with respect to the sound of the various projects in which you are involved. What was the motivation that led you to take this particular route? 

- Hello and thank you. I do not think that represents a reversal Stroszek, simply expressed through acoustic sounds of the other bands that I saw involved, the Frostmoon Eclipse, but by analyzing the sequences of notes, several pieces may even be interchangeable. 

2. Listening to the songs of the double "Wild Years of Remorse and Failures", we understand that your background is very broad. What was the moment you knew it was the chance to try a different route? And Why? 

- In 2005, we did with the Eclipse Frostmoon an acoustic album, "Dead And Gone Forever." From there started the idea of continuing on that line, but it was obviously impossible to transform a band that already existed for several years using sounds so different. And so it is in a sense started Stroszek (from the film by Herzog) ... which I think is even more suited to my age: the years, unfortunately, are not going to decrease. 

3. Will you please explain the meaning of the album title and you explain why you wanted to identify him through quell'artwork? - 

The collection includes the first two albums and a mini, so: "Remorse" is related to "Songs of Remorse", "Failure" is there to remind you ... "Life Failures Made Music", "Wild" stands for "The Wild Hunt". not only that the words "Wild Years" should refer to 'album of Tom Waits' "Frank's Wild Years", a real must have. Artwork consists of photos taken in Canada by Nick Skog ( Resumed vaguely the cover of "Life Failures," it seemed appropriate at the level of general feeling. 

4. The purpose of your change of course in Stroszek is also a way to reach a wider range of listeners, or is closely related to a personal need? 

- It 's mainly related to aging. These are all songs that I could play even 50 or 60 years, if I were to get there, and would have the same meaning for me as they have today. But I do not know if this is good or bad. 

5. In your music there are references to Nick Drake, Steve Von Till (Neurosis), Alice In Chains, Mark Lanegan, Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Steven Wilson, Opeth ... They are all artists in some way you also have influenced you? 

- Absolutely, I know very well the complete discography of all these artists you mentioned and I think, or rather hope, that he had been deeply affected. Maybe ... I would replace Wilson and Opeth (which still does not disdain) with the likes of Townes Van Zandt and Mickey Newbury, but are personal opinions. Total approval for the others in the list. 

6. Outside of music, what are the characters who looked at as a reference growing as an artist?

 - Werner Herzog writer even before the director. I can recommend anyone to read the books "The conquest of the useless" and "Trails in the ice." Still on the subject of writers, certainly Cioran and Bukowski, as now abused on any social network. And of course the work of Lars Von Trier. And while we're at, I would advise an Italian painter, Lorenzo Alessandri ( 

7. The impression is that your work in the project Stroszek is not only prepared for a change of style, but especially to a different way of understanding music in general. Maybe you wanted to give relief to a certain compositional elegance rather than to the song form itself?

 - I think that many pieces instead of Stroszek refer back to the classical structure brazenly '50 / '60 but generally do not weight these things when writing , and I realize only after ... usually when it is too late. 

8. As there is autobiographical in the new "Wild Years of Remorse and Failures"? 

- Everything. Each piece tells of things that I have really happened, sensations experienced, the people I met etc ... The references, however, are so vague and so filtered that it is virtually impossible for any player to go back outside or even guess the references. And besides, I think I essermene forgotten many of them.

 9. Tell me a bit 'of the process of re-recording some vocals. In which study you've done it all and with whom?

 - All the tracks have been recorded so far in the study of Big Wave Livorno, with Niko, the owner. Anyone interested can find everything here: 

10. Is there any element that could never be part of an album of Stroszek? 

- I think not, every tool might find its place in pieces so linear. I'd like for example an accordion style Tom Waits, and a banjo. But even a drum machine or horn "night", like a sax. Of course ... but do not know anyone who knows how to play these instruments and do not have the money to call the sessions. 

11. Among the groups / artists Italians, who's impressing in particular?

 - I have to admit that they are many, but in these last days I've been listening to repeat Dagger Moth, a girl from Ferrara to the first album. He literally hogged my listening "Italic", so to speak. 

12. To conclude I want to ask a different question, of social theme: If we look at the past few years, the Italian situation, we are faced with a list of government failures. We continue to spit lies on citizens. Millions of people are finding themselves without work or prospects ... This is the present of the "beautiful country" in which the reality, in fact, often goes beyond the imagination. Convoluted mechanisms that marginalize the new generations and the population itself ... reducing the stability of a country that is now adrift. The ruling class continues to have a vision of all selfish and ruthless, based on the refusal to preserve the rights of the citizen. What idea have you done this?

 - It is no news that it is enough to go out even just a few kilometers from the 'Italy to realize that we are living in a reality of the third world. Obviously the music is affected in a particular way and extremely profound of all this, including taxes etc ... at least this is my opinion. 

13. What are your current and future projects with Stroszek? 

- Simply step by step. For now I try to see if it happens a few live dates, in which, however sound alone, and try to fix some new idea, although I'm discarding a lot. Moreover, there are now out of 3 albums, the collection "A Break in the Day" and this new double "Wild Years ...": I do not think there is this very strong need for new stuff in the short term. 

14. THANK YOU for your time and availability. Good luck

 - Thank you ... 

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