NEWS: Subterranean Disposition begins recording sophomore album

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Subterranean Disposition begins recording sophomore album
December 16, 2014
Subterranean Disposition, the one-man Doom/Death/Ambient recording project helmed by Terry Vainoras (Insomnius Dei, Cryptal Darkness, The Eternal) from Melbourne, Australia has entered Toyland Studios to begin the recording process for the sophomore album Soundtracks for Our Landscapes of Failure. For this album drummer Dan Nahum (The Veil, Dead River Runs Dry) has handled all percussive duties. More recording will follow in 2015 with a Fall release on the cards.

Says Terry:
‘I am honoured to have Dan play on this new Subterranean Disposition material, He has laid down a huge sounding drum foundation for me to build upon, a very tasteful “for the song” approach with some added percussive filigree that will bring the ambient passages on these epic songs to another level. And another chance to work with Adam Calaitzis at Toyland is always a great experience, the drums are massive even at this stage!
Says Dan:
‘Working with Terry and Subterranean Disposition has been a privilege. This is one of the most dynamic and carefully thought-out representations of extreme doom metal that I have come across, and to contribute my playing to it means a great deal. Props also to Adam Calaitzis at Toyland, who pulled great, organic yet clear sounds and put me through my paces in terms of feel and arrangements. I can’t wait to hear the finished recording.

Listen to a demo version of the song “Wooden Kimono Fixative” which will appear on the forthcoming album.

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