Subterranean Disposition album streaming in full and available to order!

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Subterranean Disposition album streaming in full and available to order!

Subterranean Disposition is an experimental death-doom recording project from Terry Vainoras, a veteran of the underground Australian metal scene spanning a career almost two decades in length and also known for his involvement with Cryptic Darkness, The Eternal, and Insomnius Dei. The debut album from Subterranean Disposition is now available to order from Hypnotic Dirge Records, in both digipack and jewel cases formats. In addition to the CD version which is available for the label's website, the full self-titled album has also been made available for free streaming in its entirety at Hypnotic Dirge's bandcamp page where you can also purchase the digital download for $5.00. 

Originally inspired by and conceived as a follow up to the music Mark Kelson had written for his and Terry’s Collaboration on the Insomnius Dei album ‘Illusions of Silence’, the debut self-titled Subterranean Disposition album explores further the use of dissonance and ambience, lending more dynamics to the long passages of darkness and light, crafted from the influence of early 90’s doom metal and modern sludge with forward thinking embellishments in song writing. Also permeating the record are the use of female vocals courtesy of Pheobe Pinnock, and  guest saxaphone from D'arcy Molan, both musicians from the Australian scene. Considering all the elements present in the album, you can expect nothing less than an all-encompassing, broading, dark, and experimental ride through devastating darkness on the debut Subterranean Disposition album.



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