Subterranean Disposition interview w. Metal Soundscapes [Nov 12, 2012]

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Subterranean Disposition interview with Metal Soundscapes
November 12, 2012
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Subterranean Disposition is a new doom/death metal band from Australia. It’s the solo project of Terry Vainoras, who is an active member of the Melbourne metal community since 1995. He has also performed and recorded with bands like Order of Chaos, Damaged, Earth, Hellspawn, Cryptal Darkness, The Eternal and Insomnius Dei. His main instruments are Vocals, Guitar, Bass and Keyboards. Let’s see what he has to say for his wonderful new band, Subterranean Disposition.

So Terry, first of all, let me thank you for this interview! Can you please tell us about you and your band? What led you to the inspiration of the band’s name and music style?
Thank you very much for this opportunity. I am primarily a metal musician from Melbourne, Australia. I have been recording and performing music since 1993. Subterranean Disposition came to be in 2008 after I left another projectI was in that had a similar style, Insomnius Dei. The songs were written to be the second Insomnius album, and when I left I decided to record them by myself. The name just literally popped into my head one day ! I think it describes the band’s sound quite well. The inspiration for the music was simply take all I had learned from my previous bands and channel it through the loose amalgamated styles of doom, death, sludge and some clean atmospheres.

You have been very active in the past. What can you tell us of your other / previous bands? How it all started?
I have been very fortunate over the years to be able to be apart of some great bands in very different styles of extreme metal, everything from black, death, doom, grind, metallic hardcore and so on… I am humbled to have learned from and shared ideas with many great musicians. There is a comprehensive list of bands at For me all this started back in the day at high school when I started to learn guitar and formed my first band, good times!

Can you describe your music? You used some experimental parts that make Subterranean Disposition differ from other doom/death metal bands. Can you tell us how you came up with all these original ideas? 
Like I said earlier I think it is a mix of Doom and Death metal with tinges of other styles, some sludge and post metal influence and perhaps even some hints of jazz and psychedelic  in there too.In the process of writing this material the songs basically opened themselves up to different sounds and I had a lot of fun working with unconventional ways of getting the songs finished.

Is this a completely solo project? Are there any other musicians participating in this album?
The Bulk of the album was done solely on my own with two guest contributions, Phoebe Pinnock contributed vocals to “Prolong this agony” and "Wailing my Keen" Darcy Molan added the cool Saxophone to “Most subtle of storms”. Other than that the rest is me.- 

Have you planned a live tour? Would you do that if you could find the right musicians? What would be your preferred instrument then? Would you also be the main vocalist, including brutal and clean vocals?
There will be some Live shows in Australia in early 2013 and possibly some shows in Europe too. I have put together a full live backing band and we are rehearsing the songs right now. I am playing guitar and doing all the vocals except the female parts, we will have guest musicians to recreate the female singing and sax parts also.

- What are your music plans for the future?
In the immediate future there is a second Subterranean album that has been demoed and will hopefully be recorded next year. Also I play in another long running band Order of Chaos that will record its new album as well. All that with some live shows for both bands and being a new Dad, things will be very busy !!I am looking forward to it.

- Can you name some of your favorite metal bands, and some of your favorite non-metal music styles?
Some of my favourite metal bands are Carcass, At the gates, Converge, Cult of Luna, Neurosis. I listen to a lot of different music outside of metal, some of my favourites are Funk- soul, Jazz, Noise, Country, Rock and Movie Soundtracks.

-For anyone interested in your band, is there any website where we can preview your music and/or buy your stuff?
The band has a website : www.subterraneandisposition.comand our debut album can be purchased from Hypnotic Dirge Records.For Digital Downloads go Here: or buy a physical copy here:

- I would really like to thank you for your time! I wish you the best! If you have a message for the world, now it’s time to say it!
Thanks agin for the interview! If you are into music that you can take your time with, music with a balance of opposing forces, dark-light, Melody- Dissonance, with a few surprises then please check out Subterranean Disposition.

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