Subterranean Disposition Interview with Last Day Deaf [June 26, 2016]

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Interview: Last Day Deaf 
Date: June 26, 2016
Language: English

Terry Vainoras has been an important musician of the Australian metal scene working on various projects for two decades, such as Damaged, Order Of Chaos, Hellspawn, Cryptal Darkness, The Eternal, and Insomnius Dei. Collecting all of his musical experience he created his own band called Subterranenan Disposition. In 2012 he released his first self-titled album and this year, after hard preparation, he released his second album called ‘Contagiuum And The Landscapes Of Failure’ by Hypnotic Dirge Records and Solitude Productions.

Tell us a few words about you and Subterranean Disposition.

Hi I am Terry from Melbourne Australia, a musician since 1993. I have played in many bands through to the present day in all different genres- Thrash, Death, Black, Hardcore punk and of course Doom!! Subterranean Disposition started as a project inspired by collaboration with another musician Mark Kelson; we did an album under the name ‘Insomnius Dei’. The first album was released in 2012 and now the second album has just been released!

‘Contagiuum…’ is released four years since your first self-titled album. Were there any difficulties in-between until the new release?

This new album was written in 2012 while trying to get a label to release the debut album so there were no difficulties in the music coming to fruition. We released and did a couple of shows for the first album and also a lot of life went on… Marriage and children and other bands too. Finally, last year was the right time to record properly in the studio and now it’s ready for everyone’s ears!

How has the new album been received so far?

So far, from the early reviews, there has been the consensus that there has been evolution since the first album, which I agree with, and mostly favourable opinions of it which is nice.

Other people participate in this album. Is it just participation or is there musical contribution on their part to the album as well?

Dan Nahum contributed to every song with drums— I had written demos with guide drums and some things he kept the same but mostly he added his own personality there playing wise. With Gelareh on ‘Embittered’, I gave her vague ideas on which she improvised too and created from and brought in a poem for the lyrics. And with Daniel in ‘Wooden Kimono Fixative’ I basically had the spoken word part for him to do.

How did you come up with the saxophone idea? Do you have other musical influences except for metal?

In the debut album I experimented with the saxophone on one part of one song and there was lot of positive feedback on it so with this second album I had ideas to do more; this time I had already started learning to play the sax so these are my first recordings of playing this instrument! I do love many different styles and genres of music besides metal, some of those include Hip Hop, Funk, soundtracks, noise, Jazz to name a few.

In the past you participated in various projects which covered a wide range of metal genres. What is it that ultimately drew you to post-black metal?

While I do recognize elements of black and post-metal in SD’s music, I would say that the style that is the foundation for the songs is Death/ Doom metal with a lot more running through it. I guess I wanted to use my songwriting voice in this ballpark of metal to see what would happen and see where it went.

In extension to the previous question: is it the genre itself which requires a dark atmosphere, or is it (also) your feelings, the way of thinking, etc. which reflect on this atmosphere?

I would say that both are correct for me in different ways. The feeling has to be there when writing the music to get into the frame of mind required to embellish the same feeling through the lyrics. Or sometimes a lyric comes first and the music takes its cue from the feeling of the words!

Tell us a few words about the Australian metal scene. Is black metal a popular genre in the local scene?

I think when I started playing music here, with no internet back then and being isolated from America and Europe, it allowed some unique bands and music to come through. Black metal is quite popular here as is death and thrash, the faster forms of metal. However there is people interested in the slower bands now too, much more so than ten, fifteen years ago.

What are your plans for the future regarding live shows, tours, etc?

As with the last record I will get some of my friends together to perform with me live for one or two shows in Australia. I would love to get out to Europe and perform this music there, no plans as yet though. Another album is already written as demos so I am starting to go back to listen and experiment with what is recorded.

What would you like to tell to the people who will get to know you from ‘Contagiuum…’ and what should they expect from you in the future?

This is the sort of music that takes a while to get to know and asks much from the listener, but, I believe, rewards in return. Expect more evolution from the next album in unexpected ways!!

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